A Mental Health Blog: The SEO Strategy

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The discourse community I cater to is the mental health community. This community is filled with both professionals and non-professionals. For my mental health blog, I will create a blog that is geared toward non-professionals who are seeking education, advice and resources on all things mental health.

The Strategy

To begin, I will start by running a keyword search through Google Keyword Planner. My search for "mental health blog" returned a few keywords that are listed below. I can use a few of the long-tail keywords that have low competition and a high amount of average monthly searches throughout my mental health blog. That way, I can attract more visitors. The blog will contain posts about many of these topics, but will not be oversaturated with these terms because it can work against my strategy. I will not use keywords that only have an average of 10-100 monthly searches. My goal is to aim for the keywords that have 100-1k.

Project Goals

The project goals of this blog is to educate. There are many people who suffer themselves and many who know someone who suffers with mental illness. Education is key when it comes to mental health. The blog will discuss mental illnesses, how to cope with them, and how to care for someone who is dealing with them. The blog will also be an avenue to help non-professionals get acquainted with professional therapists for therapeutic services. Education is the main goal, connecting visitors to resources is the secondary goal.

Target Audience

My target audience will be non-professional individuals who are seeking knowledge and advice on how to maintain good mental health. These individuals can be someone who is mentally ill or someone who is simply seeking more information on mental health and mental illnesses. This blog will also be for caregivers who are seeking to learn more about mental health.


As far as the content, I would make sure that there is alt text and descriptive file names for each photo on the blog. The text I use for the photos will contain some of the keywords that were listed above. I will make sure my blog will have clear readability with a multimodal approach that provides visual aids. I will cite reputable sources in every blog post so that the visitor can seek out further information, if needed. My blog posts will be written for beginners using simple language and not utilizing jargon.


As stated above, project goals, target audience, and content are all a part of a well-rounded strategy to reach organic visitors to my mental health blog. A blog geared toward the non-professionals of the discourse community would provide insight, information, and resources to help the visitor to understand mental health. I do not think that any of these areas are more or less important than the other. All of these areas come together to create an effective strategy for a technical writer.

Azizza Pitts

Azizza Pitts

A full-time therapist and a part-time blogger. Azizza services the middle Georgia community and advocates for mental health. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing.
Macon, Georgia