A Parent and Teacher's Dream Site

A Parent and Teacher's Dream Site

Finding websites in reference to helping teachers do their job better was not difficult to find, especially in today’s climate. The website I found to be quite helpful is We are Teachers. As the site’s tag line states, it offers “Ideas and inspiration for reaching the next generation.” This interactive site not only offers guidance and support to teachers across the globe, but also educates and informs parents of upcoming changes, best practices and so much more.

Visual Review

One of the first important aspects I noticed while visiting We are Teachers is the fun color scheme. I am a stickler for bombarding and clashing colors, as they distract me from my objective of visiting the site. The minimalistic design choice of mostly plain white background allows the moderately bright colored topics and detailed readings to stand out more naturally and do not offend the eye of the reader. The topography of the website’s layout is also minimalistic, but intriguing simultaneously. Initially the first few topics are stacked on top of each other to the right, while a larger topic occupies the space to the left. My eye caught the larger topic at first naturally, however, because of the change in size and layout of the articles to the right, I was inclined to glance over to them as well.

Standout Features

I also appreciated the large, bolded subsection topics as you move through the website. By enlarging and bolding these topics, the website creates an easy shortcut to the reader. The material covered on the website itself is helpful and inviting as well. As parents and educators, our children are our upmost priority, and their well-being can be intense and perplexing at times. If I were a parent, searching for information on a certain topic while already experiencing emotional distress due to the nature of the issue, I would be thankful to have a helpful search bar or outlined topics to expedite my search and put my mind at ease. This website offers both of those features and much more. It also offers a special feature to email any answers to questions that may not be covered in any of the available topics. How great is that?!

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects to a helpful and successful website is how well the reader digests the information. The website publishes articles and writings that are quite pleasant to read because they do not talk down to the reader. Moreover, the helpful tips empower the parent or teacher and suggest an air of teamwork to give the best we can to our prospective student body and children. Inviting and inclusive language like “You’ll want to check out…” and “A free and easy guide to...” create an air of comfortability that engages and educates the reader in relaxed, unforced or preachy tone. For example, the article Please Stop Asking Teachers to Give Your Kids Homework is aimed at educating parents on the need of homework and how it truly has no true academic benefit. Author Kimmie Fink approaches the reader with a playful but stern tone, exhibiting validity and sincerity simultaneously. Her lighthearted approach to a serious topic puts the reader at ease and facilitates clear and concise understanding.

Final Thoughts

Along with catchy folded logo and tagline, this website presents itself in a manner that is easy to understand and navigate. One last great thing I noticed is the banner mentioning free Halloween coloring pages. Free offers are always a good bet, but the mention of a current holiday conveys to the reader that this site is regularly updated and therefore the information provided through the site is up to date and correct.

Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Macon, ga