Age of the Wordcrafter

Age of the Wordcrafter
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Character Sheet: Jewel’s Technical Persona

One of the most rewarding and highly frustrating things about being a neurodivergent professional is the many professions and hobbies I want to pursue throughout my life. Thankfully enough, most of my interests are related to the writing world and within this program. 

I am currently a public relations specialist at the University of Georgia, but work a little in the freelance world. Occasionally, I help self-published authors with beta-reading and editing. I love video editing, streaming, news writing, analytical writing, and technical writing. I am also working on my own novel. These many interests make creating my cover letters for jobs highly complicated. Completely self-indicated, I realize. 

However, this program is immensely versatile; therefore, I feel confident in continuing to pursue a career in technical writing and become a self-published author as well. At the end of the day, my passion is writing. No matter the style, I strive to be highly skilled in whatever I write and create. 

Alas, this led to the creation of

Imagine if Writers Were Called Dungeon Masters will highlight my highly creative and adaptable persona. The site currently lives on squarespace with the domain bought through 

My goal with my website is to encourage people, especially those neurodivergent, to embrace their versatile nature and ditch the society mandated box. In the past, I have experienced skepticism from superiors because of my many different areas of expertise. Why punish individuals for this? I hope to create a persona of blogs and tips on the versatile writer and combat this issue. 

Specifically, I plan to design my website pages to have the following:

  • Welcome and About the Writer
  • The Technical Writer
  • The PR Writer (current and past job samples)
  • The Author
  • The Editor
  • Jewel the Persona
  • Contact Information

I may change this layout later, but my website will show my separate areas of wordcraft and my passion for each. Under their appropriate pages, I will add my experience with each and corresponding samples to help build each of those personas. 

If all goes well, I want to add the original "Jewel" persona at the end which will contain the book reviews I post on Goodreads and Instagram. Not everyone may agree, especially with the complicated nature of the internet, but I think it’s important to highlight me as a real person. 

Technical Writers are Lawful Neutral 

While I hope to create an overall persona with the combination of all my writing styles, I strive to have my technical writing persona as intelligent, concise, and unique. This is highly essential for me to achieve as being an understood expert is required to be a great technical writer. My dream in technical writing would be a UX writer for an application or website. 

Secretly, I wish Goodreads would hire new UX writers because I find their website and instructions highly confusing. 

15 INT on D20 Required to Pass

While reading Using Personas in Digital Writing, I really resonated with the first passage. Specifically, “personas are not mere stereotypes but rather nuanced and research-backed representations.” I find this to be a great strategy for establishing a persona in this industry. Technical writers must have credibility, knowledge, and wordcraft. 

For my specific tactics and strategies, I plan to build my credibility in this persona by the following:

  • Well, step one would definitely be graduating from this program.
  • Building my advanced writing competence, as described in Digital Literacy for Writing
  • Improving my digital content management for my website. As Dr. Lucas points out with this exercise, having an attractive and well-thought website with writing samples and experience, would be one of the best tools to have. This also includes the many webmaster skills most digital writers should have as well, especially as I target UX writer jobs. 
  • Lastly, technical writers also need to have a professional and personal reputation. I plan to do this by improving my citing skills (an area I’ve never been great at) and well-researched information. 

The Road to Powergaming

This particular project I was dreading. Over my career, I've tried multiple websites, hosts, names, etc. I've always felt inadequate at their creations while also annoyed at the sneaky fees and opinions about which website to go to use.

Well, I guess I can thank Dr. Lucas for forcing me to finally get it together again. I am actually excited to build upon this blueprint. One thing I’ve learned as I have gotten older is to take your time, build upon your foundation, and don’t rush. 

Cheers, adventurers. (Apologies for all the DnD references)

Jewel Caruso

Jewel Caruso

Jewel is a higher education professional, freelance editor, writer, and avid reader.
Athens, Georgia