An SEO Dive into a Professional Profile Website

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Dr. Ashley P. Jones' professional profile website

I am going to restart my professional website from scratch. I do not like the way it currently looks and the minimal amount of functionality of it. Additionally, if a potential employer or individual was attempting to find me, it does not have a good strategy for being found by the algorithm gods. This needs to be amended.

Goals for the Website

My overarching goal is to create a clean, simple website interface to use as a professional online profile. Specific goals include an interactive curriculum vitae, adding in the specific DOI (digital object identifier) numbers to my publications, and adding in some more pictures and media elements that fit with my research.

My target audience for this website is academics and folks in the game industry. I need to develop my content in much more depth to achieve a professional look that I am going for including not only the research I have conducted but also the research I plan to conduct. Additionally, teaching experience, a stronger About Me page, and I want to build and add in more creative works to the website. The goal is to increase interaction, interactivity, and show what I bring to the table as a media and game researcher.

 Using SEO to Improve

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will play a large part in this process. My first step is to identify keywords that will help with the algorithms scrubbing my website. I used SEMRush to identify keywords that would be helpful. Many of these simple keywords are already included in my work but adding descriptions of my published materials using these words will help bring more folks to the website. These are also familiar words for folks both in and outside game research which helps with driving visitors according to the Yahoo! Style Guide.

A list of keywords for a game researcher
Keywords from SEMRush

 Technical SEO

For technical SEO, my site is very accessible but not a good performer overall. My SEO strategies for the current site are strong but I am planning to make these better with more short descriptions of work already done and work needing to be done. My website translates to mobile quite well thanks to the platform I use which is SquareSpace.

A graph of the performance ratings for the website
Google Speed Page Insights for the website

Interactivity needs to be upped drastically on the site to improve the usability and scannability. I am already using alt text for images but my information is not currently laid out well in a way that is easy to read and access. I need to work on content optimization. This is my biggest needed improvement for overall usage but also for SEO. This will allow the scrubbing of the page to be done easier and increase the performance of the site. I also have a need to improve my hyperlinks to outside sources such as my LinkedIn page and to the journals I publish in. I need to do more research on meta tags and how those work in more depth as well.

Overall, a lot of work is needed for my website to be brought up to speed. SEO is going to be my strongest way to improve all aspects of the site.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

I am an Assistant Professor in Communication and Emerging Media at Georgia Southwestern State University. My research expertise focuses on digital games.
Americus, GA