Analyzing Marvel #AI

Analyzing Marvel #AI

As an avid Marvel nerd, I decided to combine my love of writing along with my love of superheroes into one assignment this week. I have visited quite a few marvel websites and blogs throughout my years, however, this website caught my eye mostly because of the new techniques that have been covered in this course.

A new way to analyze information is to view the website’s (or other form of media) Informational Architecture (IA).  Along with the information’s organization, IA highlights labeling information, to guide users through the information more swiftly, navigation, focusing on how easily the users moves through the information and searchability, how easily the user can quickly locate information.

I decided to analyze Marvel Guides, a comprehensive site detailing information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as well as the comic books the MCU is based on.  Marvel Comics was founded in 1939 by magazine publisher Martin Goodman.  Since its creation, Marvel has become a pop cultural phenomenon spawning various movie franchises, toy lines, directors, writers, and so much more. Understanding the demand for more Marvel content, Marvel Guides assists new and returning fans by listing the watch and read guides for both the MCU and the comic books. A chief complaint among those who have never seen anything Marvel related is the sheer number of movies, shows and comics one would need to read or watch to catch up to where the story is now. This site will ease some of that tension and help guide others into this entertaining world.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological Order. on Behance
Marvel's Tangled Web

Site Exploration

Searchability and Labeling

As I explored the site through the lens of IA’s theoretical foundations of organization, labeling, navigation and searchability, I initially began to focus on how to access the site’s information and how smoothly I was able to access any given topic I was looking for. Although sparce on space, the site is clear and concise, and the information is presented in an easy-to-understand way. If the user is unable to find what they are looking for by using the topics labeled on the top of the page, they can scroll down to and select either viewing guides or learn more on Marvel news.

The site begins with the few topics, an image and if the user scrolls down, they will first see 2 boxes side by side labeled “Comic Reading Guides” and “MCU Viewing Guides”. These shortcuts essentially provide a quicker way to get to the information the user or reader is looking for. By presenting these topics first, prior to scrolling, the site already demonstrates its user-centered design.

At the bottom of the page, a search bar has also been included. For those users searching for a particular character or even in the MCU, they can do so without sifting through the thousands of comics or dozens of movies. As a serious Marvel aficionado, I like to believe I know everything about the MCU. To test the site (and myself), I searched a random character (Thanos-pictured below).

Image result for thanos
Thanos-MCU Villian

I was delighted to find just about everything I knew of him, searched by the site and in chronological order. This added search bar increases the searchability of the information located on the site and further bolsters the site’s IA.

Organization and Navigation

Due to the nature of a viewing or reading guide, it is important to organize the information in a way that is easy to move through at a steady pace and will be in order. Marvel Guides information is organized in a way to maximize the user’s time by chronologically listing movie and comic book reading guides so the user can follow and navigate through them one after the other. This information is also listed first, exemplifying why the user would come to a “guides” site and reflecting the hierarchy of information presented on the site. Additionally, the featured news segments on the site are organized by most recent date and have an additional option below the 1st three news stories if the user would like to view more marvel news. Navigating to different pages to access additional information is quick and easy.

Suggested Updates

Marvel Guides

As a fan, I enjoy reading or learning anything I can about all things Marvel, however, this site could use a makeover. With the advancement of digital technology, this site could benefit from adding more links and images to engage the reader as they move through the site. Another suggestion would be to include more information, other than the guides themselves. For example, Disney Plus, a streaming service offered by Disney which owns the MCU, has implemented a few different guides to watch the MCU based on character and events. This addition may draw in new users more focused on their favorite character.


As I develop my site, I have trouble focusing on exactly what type of information I would like to have available on my site. I want to help other teachers, but I initially need to train to be a teacher myself so I can do so. I have found adding more images, researching exactly who my target audience will be, as well as organizing and labeling the different topics on my site will help it succeed. I also intend to add search bars, clarify the specific information that will be available on the site.







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Kynndra Watson

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