Azizza Pitts

Azizza Pitts

A full-time therapist and a part-time blogger. Azizza services the middle Georgia community and advocates for mental health. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing.

Collaborative Project: My Contributions

I briefly read the information page regarding a Collaborative Wiki Project that was due later in the semester. I did not begin making edits until October 2023. I was thankful that this project

A Mental Health Blog: The SEO Strategy

The discourse community I cater to is the mental health community. This community is filled with both professionals and non-professionals. For my mental health blog, I will create a blog that is geared

Analyzing Information Architecture: The Mighty

The Mighty describes itself as a news and media website that provides the world's largest online health community. The website highlights work from writers all over the world that discuss what it is

Remediation: An Intake Assessment

The discourse community I chose was the mental health community. This community not only consists of individuals interested in mental health and those seeking therapy; it also includes individuals who provide therapy. I

Website Analysis: Psychology Today

This week's assignment required us to review a website that is a part of our discourse community. Psychology Today is a website that is known in the mental health discourse community. It is