Calvin Green

Calvin Green

Calvin works as a Technical Writer for ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) creating tactical training programs for prospective law enforcement candidates. He loves to cook, travel and the outdoors.

A Word About Digital Accessibility

The further I learn about the different elements of digital design the more I realize how vast the subject is. For instance, as it relates to the significance of accessibility in web design,

LitWiki and the Digital Age

First, as it relates to Wikipedia/LitWiki, an article can start off as a tiny little seed, then flourish into a leviathan with many tentacles- especially when there are many editors involved. Admittedly,

The SEO Process

As a travel website, several "keywords" and "long-tail keywords" came to mind when maximizing search engine optimization (SEO). What I gleaned from this exercise was the "big picture." Meaning, not just placating my

Discourse Community Analysis

My discourse community is one I backed into, but noticed that there was a group of people with unique sets of “needs.” These are African American men who love to travel, but for

Information Architecture: A Case Study

In thinking about this week's assignment, I thought about the travel websites I view regularly and concluded it would be best to compare the user experience between the two- and what contributes to