Chanel Brown

Chanel lives on the East Coast and is currently pursuing an MA in Technical & Professional Writing.

What I Learned While Editing a LitWiki

What was my Contribution to the LitWiki on Technical Writing in the Digital Age? My contribution to the LitWiki on technical writing in the digital age has covered background, historical context, and future

Identifying a Free SEO Strategy

A few years ago, I created a website called Tutoring with Chanel using a content management system. It was created as a part of a class project, but due to my background in

Information Architecture of an Expat Blog

For a short time in 2018, I was living abroad in China. I was there teaching (English) speech at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Every now and again, I think about what

What do you do?

There are two different verbs used to express the phrase “I am” in Spanish. One of them is temporary; the other one is permanent. For example, if one wishes to say, “I am