Claire Toledo

Claire Toledo

Claire is a proud manager for local government. She is working to complete her MBPL, and balances work and school with family--husband, 2 independent children, dogs, cats, and chickens.

A Group Project

In my graduate class, "Technical Writing in the Digital Age", the students were tasked with working as a group on a collaborative project to create a Wikipedia-style article on the same topic as

SEO for a Cooking and DIY Blog

Food made from scratch and a home crafted with DIY projects are the focus of my planned blog. Planning a blog takes some amount of work and forethought, but creating a successful blog

Analysis of a Personal Blog

To better design my own personal blog I will analyze the design of an existing blog that is similar in content to the one I am creating. I hope to gain insights into

Helping Residents Navigate a New Website

As I searched for something to focus on for the Remediation Challenge, I found that my staff was emailing residents 'print screen' images from our City's website and typing out the step-by-step instructions

Too Many Ads=Reader Leaves

Ads can be so frustrating! Have you ever found the perfect recipe or design example and had ads constantly splashing across your screen, or endless webmail signup requests? It is something to be