Emma Darnell

Emma Darnell

I work in wine and spirits sales while pursuing a Master of Arts in technical and professional writing.

Wiki Reflections

Over the course of the past eight weeks, our class has been collaborating on a LitWiki page for Technical Writing in the Digital Age. My contributions to the page were a fairly balanced

Understanding and Using SEO

This week's readings were focused on SEO (search engine optimization), and applying SEO principles to our own personal websites or projects. Understanding SEO SEO is a topic I've been vaguely aware of for

The IA of a Crossword Blog

This week, our class is studying Information Architecture and User-Centered Design. I've chosen to analyze the IA of a crossword blog, titled Rex Parker Does the NY Times Crossword Puzzle, in relation to

Remediating Wine Lists

This week, our class is focusing on the concept of remediation, which is a means of adapting elements from older media and synthesizing them into newer forms. I chose to remediate the wine