Jason Ledford

Jason Ledford

LitWiki Article

I write open-source intelligence reports as a Department of Defense contractor. I love my work because the subject matter differs on a day-to-day basis. Last month my shift changed, and I started writing


According to LinkedIn I appeared in 25 searches by job recruiters in the past week. The website, LinkedIn provides job seekers and recruiters potential hires and job vacancies based on the keyword searches.

NYC Real Estate Shopping

My wife and I have a shared dream of living in New York City for about three to five years. We have been married now for almost 19 years, have two daughters, and

Newspaper Remediation Project

I identified a newspaper article from October 29, 2023 from The Augusta Chronicle regarding the war between Israel and Hamas to remediate. The article titled, “Israel expanding ground operation into Gaza” was written

Intel Techniques OSINT Toolset

Intel Techniques  provides online security and open-source intelligence (OSINT) training and consulting services. Intel Techniques is owned by Michael Bazzell. Mr. Bazzell spent most of 20 years assigned to the FBI’s Cyber