Jessica Steverson

I am a retired Air Force veteran. I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology and I received my master's in English. I love to read and watch movies. My professional goal is to become a technical writer.

Creating a New Article on LitWiki

I felt it pertinent to add why a targeted SEO strategy will benefit the user experience because this factor matters in digital writing. The search engine is a staple for most technology users. A solid SEO strategy will improve an article’s visibility.

SEO Optimizing an Empathy Blog

For an exercise to develop my search engine optimization (SEO), the discourse community I want to target are those who want to foster empathy through literature.

The Information Architecture of Military One Source

Military One Source is a website designed to be a “catch-all” of information with military members and their families as the targeted audience. The Department of Defense developed this website to provide general information, resources, and confidential help that support all aspects of military life.

Remediation of a Veterans Affairs Program

My chosen discourse community is transitioning service members. There is a mandatory class that aids personnel in their transition from the military to becoming a civilian. The support personnel teaching the sessions overload

The Professional Reader at

The website I will analyze is John, a retired naval officer, created this site to chronicle his journey of lifelong learning and reading. He uses books, articles, and military reading