Jewel Caruso

Jewel Caruso

Jewel is a higher education professional, freelance editor, writer, and avid reader.

Collaborating in the Digital Age

I will not lie, I've never been a fan of group projects. I have always needed a certain level of control over my grades, but having the opportunity to collaborate on a Wiki

Analyzing the IA of Goodreads

User-centered design and information architecture were terms I was vaguely familiar with before this unit reading, but as I learned and analyzed websites for this week, I realized how often these concepts are

Reimaging a University Onboarding Manual

My first career job after graduating from undergrad was as the merchandise manager and office marketing coordinator at the Terry College of Business at UGA. Half of my team, including our senior director,

ADDitude: The One Stop Shop for Neurodivergence

Discourse community With my established discourse community focusing on people curious about potential neurodivergence, I have chosen a website recommended to me by a mental health professional when I first was curious about

Age of the Wordcrafter

Character Sheet: Jewel’s Technical Persona One of the most rewarding and highly frustrating things about being a neurodivergent professional is the many professions and hobbies I want to pursue throughout my life.