Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Succeeding and Learning Together as One

This semester and course have been interesting to say the least. I was not exactly sure the meaning of technical and digital writing and how my already honed writing skills would transfer to

Optimizing the Principles of SEO to Attract Educators #SEO

With the goal of improving a site’s search engine ranking, the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has aided countless digital platforms by creating easy-to-understand guidelines aimed at attracting interested users. Successful

Analyzing Marvel #AI

As an avid Marvel nerd, I decided to combine my love of writing along with my love of superheroes into one assignment this week. I have visited quite a few marvel websites and

Teaching the Teacher

I enjoyed the assignment this week due to my past work in editing. As a teacher’s assistant, way back in my youth, I organized and remediated information so students could better grasp

A Parent and Teacher's Dream Site

Finding websites in reference to helping teachers do their job better was not difficult to find, especially in today’s climate. The website I found to be quite helpful is We are Teachers.