Brief Analysis of a Wikipedia Article

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I chose to look at the Wikipedia Article for Brandon Sanderson, an American science fiction and fantasy author, for this analysis.

The core principles of Wikipedia are that articles should retain a neutral point of view, be verifiable, and offer no original research.


Looking at the Brandon Sanderson article, the contributors remain neutral to the material they are presenting. For example, the writers do not insert their opinions into the article. The language presents Brandon Sanderson as a high fantasy and science fiction writer (a verifiable fact) instead of saying something like Brandon Sanderson is the greatest high fantasy and science fiction writer of all time (up for debate and opinionated). By keeping bias and opinion out of the writing, the article writers can present information to readers with clarity, and this allows readers to form their own opinions on the subject matter.


The contributors to the article have also made sure to provide verifiable information with links to other sources. For example, in the first paragraph, the article mentions how Sanderson’s Kickstarter was the most successful in the website’s history, and it links to an external news article and to another Wikipedia article that lists the highest-funded crowdfunding projects where readers can corroborate the information that is being presented in the Wikipedia article. The article links and cites sources throughout, and there is a long list of references at the bottom that readers can click through to verify information.

No Original Research

This principle goes along with the other two core principles, and the article does not appear to offer any original research or unverifiable information.

The Brandon Sanderson article is considered by Wikipedia to be “one of the Language and literature good articles under the good article criteria.” For an article to be given this label, they must be well written, verifiable, broad in coverage, neutral, stable, and illustrated.

Elaine Streeter

Elaine Streeter

Elaine is a creative and professional writer based in Columbus, GA.