Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union - A Fresh Face For An Old Union

Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union - A Fresh Face For An Old Union

Within the past two years, the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union (CGRU) decided to rebrand to try to reflect more of the teams that were in the union. Their previous website and logo weren't a good fit for what the union had grown to encompass. This, in juncture with USA Rugby splitting from SportsLomo to RugbyXplorer, made the decision easy to start looking for something new. When the CGRU started, it was only teams from North and South Carolina. As it grew, the CGRU has added teams from Virginia, Tennessee, & Georgia. The CGRU made a public statement about their decision to rebrand and change their website platform. So, what do we think of the new website?

Responsive Web Design

Mobile First Approach

According to Dr. Lucas's thoughts on Responsive Web Design, best practice is having a mobile first approach. The CGRU website fulfills this requirement, in my opinion. It remains easy to see and use on a mobile device.

Flexible Images

The images appear to be flexible images. They stay clear and consistent with changing platforms. The tabs are easy to find and navigate from the home page on a mobile device.

Content Prioritization

I feel like the website puts the most important information on the main page, which is the contact and social media links. I feel like these are the items that most people want to know when they are looking at an organization's website.

Information Architecture

When looking at the CGRU and analyzing the four main components of information architecture theory, I believe the CGRU website scores average.


The tabs at the top of the screen are divided into categories, which align with proper organization. These amount of categories is small, only six, which keeps it simple. This prevents the options list from being overwhelming. Under the tabs, there are more options that align with the category listed along the top.


All of the labels are clear, short and easy to understand. The main headings are Home, About Us, Rugby Xplorer, Schedule & Results, Operations, and Select Sides. Under each of these tabs the further options are just as easy to understand what they are offering.

All of the buttons from the home page work. They are clearly labeled. It is easy to switch between pages. To me, the navigation is simple, easy and gets you to where you need to be.


This is where the CGRU website falls short. There is no search bar. This is detrimental to the website because it limits the users ability to quickly find information they are needing. If the CGRU added this feature, I believe I would up my scoring of their website to above average.

User-Centered Approach

After looking at all of those components, I would say that the CGRU mostly achieved success at having a user-centered approach in their website. The website is clear, simple and utilizes a balanced hierarchy of information. The website is consistent, clean and useable across many platforms. It doesn't overwhelm the user, but provides all of the necessary information.

My Website Reflection

My website has much to be desired. First, I would buy something and have a better domain name. However, that is currently not in the cards, so it'll have to wait. I am not a big fan of how my website is currently set up. I would like it to be more in line with CGRU website where the hierarchy of information tabs are at the top in clear categories. My vision for my website is to making a Touch Rugby Toolbox for the anyone from the beginner to advanced player to find resources. A one stop shop is severely lacking in the Touch rugby world.

Bryanna Kerbuski

Bryanna Kerbuski

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