Collaborative Project: My Contributions

Collaborative Project: My Contributions
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I briefly read the information page regarding a Collaborative Wiki Project that was due later in the semester. I did not begin making edits until October 2023. I was thankful that this project was done on LitWiki instead of Wikipedia because of LitWiki's usability. LitWiki came off as a "simpler" version of Wikipedia. Working on this article has been an interesting journey for me.

Contributions to the Article

I took my first look at the collaborative article half-way through the Session II. I was surprised to learn that my classmates had already been working on this project that was not due until the end of Session II. So, I scanned the article with efforts to find subheadings that needed more information added. The "Press Releases" and "User Guides" sections under "Technical Documents" were both completely blank. I did some research and found information to go in these sections. Sources were added for each section.

Press Releases | Technical Writing in the Digital Age
User Guides | Technical Writing in the Digital Age

I added information to the readability section under Digital Documentation. Source was also added.

Readability | Technical Writing in the Digital Age

Originally, the "Ethical Considerations" section was written with huge paragraphs. Although the information was clear and concise, the formatting did not work out for readability and took away much of the whitespace. I noticed a portion of the first paragraph spoke about the three primary categories used in the ethical considerations of technical writers. I used the three categories to split up the monotony of the ethical considerations section, (also adding subheadings), with efforts to keep readers engaged.

Ethical Considerations | Technical Writing in the Digital Age

My Experience & What I Learned

To be completely honest, my experience with learning Wiki-related information has been quite difficult. I was immediately overwhelmed when I saw how much my classmates had contributed, while I had contributed nothing. I would grasp how to edit and enter information, but I struggled with the sourcing and shortened footnotes. Also, I struggled with the coding and templates. I am thankful for my classmates because they helped me every time I experienced error messages. Although I did make contributions to this article, I still feel like I could have done more. If I were to do something like this again, I would start in the beginning of the semester.

How Wiki Can Be Used to Assist Others

I can see sites like LitWiki or Wikipedia being a place where people can go to learn more about a topic because it consists of information from many different sources. It is almost like having most of the internet's information about a topic in one big article. Unfortunately, we were always taught not to trust Wikipedia because anyone can contribute. I believe that the system has a good vetting process so that incorrect information does not stay posted for long. For that reason, I believe that Wikipedia is a useful source to help others understand more about Technical Writing and other topics.

Azizza Pitts

Azizza Pitts

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