Coupons: Remediation with a Discount

Coupons: Remediation with a Discount
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Much of my work for the federal government is classified. I am not authorized to share it. Instead, I opted to focus upon a policy in one of my part-time jobs. I contacted my store manager at Food Lion. I asked if she could forward me an email that describes a policy. Thankfully, she obliged with one regarding coupons.


I chose to convert that email to a PowerPoint presentation, as this is the standard format employed by Food Lion in its presentations. Dr. Lucas highlighted in our course content that it resonates with younger, more tech-savvy employees. Coincidentally, there are those who abhor the presentation software and cry foul over the injustice of "death by PowerPoint". Thankfully, I have not encountered such individuals while gainfully employed by Food Lion.

Typical of a front-end department in Food Lion, much of the demographic is comprised of high school and traditional college-aged individuals. This is often their first job and a means to earning money prior to transitioning to their careers. More often than not, they do not remain in retail. Rather than reading a long page or two of physical paper, this younger, more tech savvy faction of the population enjoys or at the very least, prefers, the digitized format.

Standard for Food Lion training, a brief but simple quiz is included to test for knowledge retention and understanding. In this digitized format, an opportunity for greater interactivity exists. Food Lion's servers track when associates access the training modules. The corporate training department notifies district and front line management when training has not been completed by the assigned due date. I would venture to say this is actually multi-front interactivity, and it would be more difficult to do all of this by the archaic quill and ink or even the more modern, pen and paper.


I followed a template from PowerPoint but tweaked slides and font sizing throughout. However, I maintained consistency with the slides, layout, and font styling. I ensured that text was properly aligned to minimize distractions. I also applied Headings and even some subheadings across the entire presentation. Author and academic, Brian Carroll mentions the essential nature of this in his book, Writing for Digital Media.

Design Across Disciplines

Retail occupies a broad but unique sector in the occupational landscape. As there are varying retail sub-sectors, there, too, are varying personalities and learning styles that fill the roles in those companies. To cater to the diverse population that would interact with this presentation, I had to first ensure that I had an advanced understanding of the discipline. I have worked in retail since 1993. I have held numerous positions from part-time clerk to store management team member. Throughout my years on the front lines of what the COVID Pandemic deemed essential personnel, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding the retail sector and store operations. I am told that I could run my own store, if I wanted to.

Next, I had to ensure that I identified the key stakeholders in the presentation. If I were to have haphazardly thrown together a presentation and not revealed the who, then those who would interact with the presentation would ask themselves why. Though the original email was directed to the store management team, it really involves all associates who operate a Point-of-Sale terminal, more commonly known as a cash register. I included the two individuals who collaborated on the information, the individual who supplied me the information, as well as all parties affected by the policy.

Furthermore, I considered my audience. Many are high school educated. I did not endeavor to use SAT words or writing suitable for a more highly educated population. Rather, I kept the wording just as what was in the email. It was simple and easy to follow. Overall, the content flowed seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

While I do not work for Food Lion's training department, I chose a format that closely resembles what Food Lion currently uses. Front line employees appreciate the interactive nature. It is simple for the training department to track completions. The training takes but a few minutes to complete. I would call it a win for all involved parties.

Mike Romano

Mike Romano

Mike is currently a technical writing graduate student and a civilian US Navy blue collar worker.
Chesapeake, VA