Discourse Community Analysis

Discourse Community Analysis
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My discourse community is one I backed into, but noticed that there was a group of people with unique sets of “needs.” These are African American men who love to travel, but for varied reasons. There are ways in which a website could help them, and this is where I assist. My analysis breaks down my community into (4) main groups: 

1. Family-man Fred- He has worked hard all his life and wants to enjoy the spoils of life with his family.

He has a three-pronged look at things in that: 

  • He may be looking at travel destinations as a potential place for retirement along with his wife or significant other. 
  • He wants to give his kids periodic vacation alternatives to remember as a family. 
  • He simply wants to get away himself. 

2. Partying Paul- vacations for him are a time to party.

He typically goes on trips with "the guys” and it’s all about enjoying life’s spoils. This includes endless parties, nightlife, women or just whatever, and bolstering his online creative content.  

3. Investor Isaac- is keenly aware of his present economic/financial situation and approaches travel as an opportunity to see what other parts of the world have to offer to where he can make money.

He is also interested in culture and looks to learn as much as he can from the places he visits.  

4. Single Sam- loves to simply get away.

Enjoys the fact that he is not constrained and comes and goes as he pleases. He may have elements of each of the other personas but, for the most part, is generally traveling by himself.  

So, these are the personas that make up the group of people in my discourse community. What I learned from my analysis is that I need to highlight the areas of interest that would benefit each group. This includes specific regional events so travelers know what to expect. I should also get some "insider" advice and input stories from locals that would further bolster the website.

Before this exercise my project was not as user-centered as it should have been, but conducting this brief study afforded me the opportunity to see what works best for the user.

Calvin Green

Calvin Green

Calvin works as a Technical Writer for ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) creating tactical training programs for prospective law enforcement candidates. He loves to cook, travel and the outdoors.