Game Studies Researcher- Dr. Ashley P. Jones

Game Studies Researcher- Dr. Ashley P. Jones
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Ashley P. Jones- Game Studies Research


My name is Dr. Ashley P. Jones and I will be representing the game studies research community this semester. I currently participate in this community as my specific area of research emphasis in my professional career. I am an assistant professor of Communication and Emerging Media at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia. I tend to be the media studies side of that program. My research specializes in the intersections of feminist and queer theories with digital games. I have published on the nostalgic effects of the Tomb Raider series reboot, the hauntological aspects in the game Tacoma, and the male-centered anxieties present in the Alice Angel character of Bendy and the Ink Machine. I am currently working on infertility representation in Psychonauts 2, an auto-ethnographic approach to feminist pedagogy in a gaming class, and the work of feminist and queer procedures and mechanics in digital games. 

My particular persona that I am creating is based on my current research in game studies. I am a new researcher, with publications beginning within the last 5 years but my aim is to show more confidence and credibility in my work. Many of the researchers that I look up to are also female identifying or non-binary individuals that look for ways to disrupt the current male- and techno-centered issues in the gaming industry. Some of these role models include: Bonnie Ruberg, Shira Chess, Amanda Cote, Kishonna Gray, and Adrienne Shaw.


I have a few goals for this professional persona and subsequent website. One is the ability to network with more folks within game studies and adjacent research communities like women and gender studies, sociology, and literature. Nowadays at conferences and meetings, not as many business cards get passed around. Instead, QR codes or links to professional websites are the ways that academics and creators tend to connect with one another. I have business cards, but I want to transition into the digital age of networking.

My second goal is to be able to personally publish to my evolving research. I’m currently working on a book manuscript, two journal articles, and actively teaching my students how to do numerous media-based projects. I want to be able to show off this work (with the students’ permission of course) at my own leisure. This tactic allows me to control some of the narrative surrounding my work as a researcher and as an academic professor.

My third goal is to create directed content from a professional perspective. I have another blog that I created for a different class, but that one is more friendly in nature. This website I want to act as a form of digital CV but also as a blog where I can post about current events that interact with game studies research. Examples of this might be a response to a new game being released, game developers and publishers being purchased and conglomerated into other companies, or reviews or responses to games that I play. I believe this content will also help the other two goals I have already listed. 

My Website and Credibility

My website is a current work in progress as I am just beginning this process. I have pages laid out without any content on them yet but I will be working to update this throughout the semester.

The nature of my work requires that I do thorough research and present my arguments with credible and numerous sources to support that argument. Most of my sources come from peer-reviewed journals or peer-reviewed academic monographs. Additionally, my writing cannot be convoluted or needlessly lengthy. Clear wording and concise statements help me build my credibility both as an academic generally and also within the community of game studies. Most folks in the community write in a consumable, approachable way. I will continue to follow this tradition as I believe it makes for better community engagement.

I already had my domain name purchased long ago, but I haven’t had the push to start this process until now. I am using Square Space as the host of my domain and in the design. Their templates are more modern than other sites I’ve found like WordPress. I don’t believe they are as intuitive as some other web design programs, but it will be easy to learn (I hope). My domain name is a copy of my professional writing name which is Ashley P. Jones. Having a common first and last name required the use of my middle initial to make sure I could differentiate myself from other researchers. You can visit my work in progress site here but the domain is still transferring and activating. I’m really sorry if you’re unable to view it. I got it to pop up on mobile but not in Chrome or Mozilla yet.


My persona is an academic professional in the game studies research area. I will be creating content focused on my areas of interest in game studies while also dedicating a portion of the website as a digital CV. My main goal is to use this site as a form of networking and collaboration opportunity.


Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

I am an Assistant Professor in Communication and Emerging Media at Georgia Southwestern State University. My research expertise focuses on digital games.
Americus, GA