Honey Badger Apiaries Brochure Remediation

Honey Badger Apiaries Brochure Remediation
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Before Remediation

Honey Badger Apiaries is a business that my husband and I run together. We are beekeepers, and we sell honey and wax products from our farm. Below is an image of our tri-fold brochure that we bring with us to events. In order to practice remediation, I decided to digitize our brochure, so that we could send emails to our customers, because let's be honest - handing out a paper brochure is like giving someone something to throw away.

Analysis and Planning

As I was deciding how to update the brochure, I thought about what was the most pertinent information to keep on the document. The first thing that needed to change was the layout of the document. I decided to shorten the document to one page since most of the information would be linked to our website. In the digital format, I would be able to add hyperlinks to the document, so I decided to cut out information that could be linked to our website. That meant taking out the prices. As a new business we have been adjusting prices based on production costs and labor, so unlike a traditional document, the digital document links to our website which will have the most up-to-date pricing.

Next, I thought about how to make the document more engaging for a digital audience. In this format, I was able to create a "mail to" link for our email address, so that when users click on the email address, it prompts the user's email client to open, so they can send us a message easily. Next, I added a link to Bond Swamp National Preserve, which will allow users to learn more about where some of our bees travel to collect nectar to make honey.

Document Design

As I worked on remediating the brochure, I thought through document design elements to enhance the new brochure. Another key difference in the original and remediated documents is that I added a bit more white space to the updated document. The original document is a bit crowded, so by eliminating some information that would be linked to the website, I was able to add more negative space to make the document more readable.

Though not visible on the image, the PDF of this brochure uses color as a signifier of a linked word. In the PDF, the links are orange for the most part except for the links in the oval on the front page. I attempted to adjust the colors there, but ran out of time after struggling through adding links and testing them. Before I use this document for our business, I will adjust the colors or use underlined words to signify a linked word.

Remediated Document

Below is an image and downloadable PDF of the remediated document. To test the links I added, the PDF must be downloaded. Since the website is linked to our website, which includes product descriptions, prices, and other information, I cut a lot out of the original document. My plan for this document is to email it to customers or friends and family who want to share a quick document about what we do. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome, but welcome any feedback.

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger is a full-time optimist, part-time realist. She is a higher education professional, beekeeper, and aspiring digital writer.
Macon, GA