How the SEO Strategy Helped Me

How the SEO Strategy Helped Me
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I first approached the SEO project from the view of the website I had created for this course. I went to Google and began typing in keywords that focused on my content such as "unique antiques," "unusual antiques," "popular antique collectibles," and more. I then expanded my vocab and began searching with more specific phrases which targeted specific items that are popular in the antique world. After seeing what was coming up from these searches, I then went back to the project instructions and changed course slightly and decided to see how this strategy would be effective when writing a blog on my hobby. I focused on "unique antiques" as my keyword phrase as I found using this term returned the most volume on what I was searching for.

The Unique Antique Market | Norfolk VA

Changing direction allowed me to broaden my searches and really dive into what I would want my blog to include. The goal of my blog would be to research and provide information on various unique pieces as well as popular collectibles. I would also include shops and stores that offer these types of collections and provide background information on the owners and locations. Basically, I would create a blog that provided details and facts on antique hunting that I would want to know, and I feel if I would like to know these things, so would others with similar interests.

My content would focus on one topic at a time (a specific item or place) and provide the history. Content would be organized in an informative but entertaining way with links to websites where I found my information. I would use headings and keywords that I used in my initial search to increase traffic and visits to my blog. The images used would be clearly and deeply described and be reflective of the blog topic - unique antiques and where to find them. I would also use tools to ensure my blog is mobile-friendly and include an XML sitemap to make sure search engines are indexing my content correctly.

All content which was found via web research would be linked so readers can find that information as well. This would include internal links to my own website or other blog posts as well as external links to websites where additional data can be found. All blog post links will be posted to my social media sites as well so those following me on these sites will know when a new blog drops.

Lastly, I would use Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to help me tailor my content based on its performance. This data will help me know what is going well and what is not so I can improve and adapt my content to be more user-centered. The main goal of my blog would be to provide relevant and useful information to my target audience of antique collectors and researchers.

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