Intel Techniques OSINT Toolset

Intel Techniques OSINT Toolset
The Intel Techniques home page.

Intel Techniques  provides online security and open-source intelligence (OSINT) training and consulting services. Intel Techniques is owned by Michael Bazzell. Mr. Bazzell spent most of 20 years assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force and subsequently worked with the US Marshal’s service investigating online child solicitation and online intrusions. Mr. Bazzell owns the Intel Techniques company that operates the website. Intel Techniques provides an OSINT Professional certification that is well respected in the community. Visits began on the website July 21, 2013.

Target Audience

Similarweb reported the largest audience for Intel Techniques are involved in the “computer electronics and technology...” sector. Additionally, the over 70% of the people who visit the website are male, and age is distributed between 25–34-year-olds. In “military speak” 25-34 is generally considered “military age”. This demographic uses Intel Techniques to conduct online investigations. Furthermore, Intel Techniques tools resource allows for an individual to search for a target by phone number, email, and social media presence. This tool is perhaps the website’s best asset.

Audience demographics visiting Intel Techniques.(Similarweb n.d.)
Audience interest and industry categories.(Similarweb n.d.)

Tone, Language, and Clarity 

Unfortunately for Intel Techniques, the website utilizes a great deal of “advertising language”. Michael Bazzell uses the website as a jumping off point for his blog and other training tools. Brian Carroll writes in Writing for a Digital Age,

“Research shows that Web users are turned off by “the pitch,” or marketing and advertising language.”(Carroll 2010)

However, trained personnel use the website as a starting point for online investigations. Furthermore, the site is easy to navigate with simple sentences and verbiage. Intel Techniques acts as an advertisement to purchase a book or register for a certification, the site’s directions are easy to understand. The website redirects users to Michael Bazzell’s podcasts and Intel Techniques magazines.

 The splash page for Intel Techniques displays the title, nine hyperlinks denoting: “Training” “Services” “Resources” “Tools” “Blog” “Podcast” “Magazine” “Books” and “Contact”. Prominently displayed is a link to buy the 2023, 10th edition of OSINT TECHNIQUES: RESOURCES FOR UNCOVERING ONLINE INFORMATION. The links provide a list of all free or subscription-based resources Intel Techniques provides. The Intel Techniques website provides links to the Twitter, or X, and LinkedIn pages as well. The website’s background is rgb(2,3,129), that is a shade of blue-magenta. The background lends a business tone to the page.


The layout of Intel Techniques is easy to navigate and consistent. The layout is consistent for the type of content. The navigation links are all located on the same line below the header. Carroll says of layout,

“A consistent approach to layout and navigation on the Web enables visitors to quickly learn that layout and to predict the location of information.”(Carroll 2010)

The Intel Techniques layout allows for greater engagement and accessibility.

Engagement and Accessibility 

Intel Techniques caters to a specific audience. An OSINT collector visits Intel Techniques for a specific purpose. scores the Intel Techniques webpage in a higher percentile for accessibility rating it higher than that of 63% of other websites. However, the heading elements are not in sequential order that would allow easy keyboard navigation. Additionally, the images do not provide information or alternate text descriptions for the image. For example, a blind individual may not see the image on the screen of the OSINT TECHNIQUES book. An alternate text would provide a description of the image and the subsequent link that aids in assisting those with limited to no eyesight.

Lookkle, a website checker tool, reported that Intel Techniques received 84982 visits in the last month. However, this number is down from 104,068 in July 2023. The bounce rate, or visitors that access the site and leave without interacting is 63.36%, visitors view four pages per visit, and the average time visitors stay on site is a little over three minutes. 59 percent of visitors come directly to the site versus 17 percent that link from a search engine. This indicates that Intel Techniques is used by members of the OSINT industry. Over 61 percent of the visitors are from the US.

Visits per month since July 2023.(Lookkle n.d.)


Percentage of visitors per traffic sources.(Lookkle n.d.)

Intel Techniques is a website marketed to the OSINT community for investigations, training, and security.


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Jason Ledford

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