Introducing Kynndra Watson, Detailing Discourse Community, and Tailoring Professional Persona

Introducing Kynndra Watson, Detailing Discourse Community, and Tailoring Professional Persona

Kynndra the Professional:

I am a 33-year-old full-time mother, student and working professional. In my youth I dreamed of teaching and helping others in areas that I struggled in or observed others having a particularly hard time with. Unfortunately, as we know, life had other plans and I entered directly into the work force after graduating high school in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon achieving some personal and professional goals, my attention turned back to my education and appeasing the child in me that has always believed in helping others. A favorite past time I have developed is watching superhero movies which directly feeds into my inert inclination to “save the little guy” and “root for the underdog.”

Although juvenile in its inception, this urge to give my last and help others has driven me to this point in my professional career. I graduated in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and strive to earn my master’s degree in professional and technical writing to further bolster a teaching career. In my formative years through middle and high school, I observed quite a few of my peers afraid to take writing courses due to fear of failing or being exposed as a weak writer and/or reader. Fortunately, I did not struggle in these courses, however my peers’ concerns ignited a want to guide and help other students appreciate the importance of writing and communicating clearly. I believe teaching, at either a grade school or collegiate level, will not only feed my personal goal to help others but also foster a better understanding of writing in the coming generation and may help ignite a passion for communication.

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Educator’s Discourse

Although I have not officially entered the teaching field, I strive to reach and absorb knowledge from as many writing teaching professionals as possible. I believe is quite important to not only tailor lessons in a way that is accessible to the increasingly digital world but also to peer-review new and innovative ideas. The obvious goal of teaching is to communicate in an efficient and accurate manner while enticing the student to learn more. A great way to do so is to excite the lesson and present writing in such a way that reduces its intimidation factor and increases the sense of accomplishment once completing the assignment. Teachers and other educational professionals constantly search for new updates and novel ways to communicate with their pupils. A plethora of government based, peer-reviewed articles and hands on experience accounts has guided our educators for many years, and I hope my addition to this discourse community moves the writing field further into the digital age.  

I do not claim to understand the intricate nuances of teaching, especially teaching writing, however, I chose this field of study for my master’s degree due to my own personal interest in reading and writing, as well as helping others. As I have read through other submissions this past week, although writing is a universal skill, excelling in and transitioning to more digital writing platforms can enhance a multitude of professional fields. My personal goal is teaching and helping others like me become more passionate about writing and hopefully go into more professional writing fields. It is for this reason I have decided on the domain name: As generic as it may seem, I believe it is important to be direct and transparent and believe this name will draw those truly seeking help to my page. My professional persona and domain name are works in progress, of course.

Tailoring the Professional Personal

An important aspect of any professional personal, especially in the modern age, is accessibility. I stive to broadcast my helpful tips and lessons of how to become more comfortable with writing in any professional or collegiate setting on as many platforms as possible. The ability to do so will depend on quite a few tailored choices when constructing my professional persona.

Research Heavy

As I will want to educate as many future writers as possible with the correct and most up-to-date information on new and evolving writing trends. To make this possible, my information must be primarily research based and backed by multiple sites, credible information, and peer-reviewed to account for oversights or unseen errors in information. Trusting the information received and passing it along is the only way to truly hold the attention of my reader as well as give the accurate information they are searching for.  

User-Centered Content

As we have all done a search for information, we know that more times than not, we are bombarded with an overload of information that may or may not be helpful. Tailoring my content to educators, students and other professionals in the writing and teaching fields will better optimize my contents reach those professionals. Using keywords pertaining to my desired audience makes my content and professional persona’s more assessable and relevant to the user’s needs.

Focus on Interdisciplinary Needs

Among other important factors, such as staying abreast to new updates in educating writers as well as presenting my persona a content in a clear and honest way, utilizing other relevant fields research is quite important and beneficial to my content. As teaching encompasses a large array of both social and technical skills, it would behoove me to include studies, key points, and past experiments to bolster the credibility of the content I produce. This tactic not only adds credibility to my work and opens the door for additional future collaboration and understanding.

Thank you,

Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Macon, ga