Introduction to Haley Roney and her digital persona

Introduction to Haley Roney and her digital persona
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Introduction to Haley

Hello, everyone! My name is Haley Roney. I am a 31-year-old student. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies with a minor in Journalism back in 2015 from Mercer University. I have done some journalistic writing and blog writing through previous jobs, but I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills through this class. My website is and my 'about me' can be found at I decided to get my domain through NameCheap and build my site through EasyWP. I also purchased an email address and can be reached at [email protected].

Professional Community

The professional community I would like to represent with my writing this semester is the special needs community. I have two special needs siblings and I believe this would be a good community for me to represent. There are a vast amount of resources and information that I can hope to provide site users.

Information I hope to provide would include things like programs available for the individual after they age out of school, or parent groups that meet to discuss any information or resources they may have.

Building Credibility

I want to build my credibility by using credible sources. In my past writing, my sources have been those involved with the events directly. Since I would interview those directly involved, there was no room for misinformation or unknown information. Having a connection to the special needs community, I know there is the possibility of some bias being involved. I hope to be transparent with that in my writing so the readers know my connection. I have written a few journalistic pieces on events my brother's class has done for my town's newspaper, which helped build my credibility.

I hope to build credibility with my site by only providing accurate information and trustworthy resources. I plan to do so by making sure there is reliable contact information connected to the resource for the site users to be able to reach out to if there are questions I cannot answer.

I hope that by being a constant source of information, my trustworthiness grows and users of the site realize they can rely on me.


The persona I would like to build is one of a caring and helpful person. I believe "Helpful Haley" is a good persona name for me. As Helpful Haley I will do my best to provide information for those seeking it. Information I would like to provide would be resources on a national level and possibly events on my local level, or if possible, events in different areas so visitors from other areas can find something close to them. From experience by talking and listening to some of the guardians in my brother's class, I realize a lot of them need these resources and would be very welcoming of any help and information provided to them.

Website Goals

My ultimate goal with my site is to be a local host of information and guidance. I went to a resource fair with my step-mom and brother a couple of months ago and there is an overwhelming amount of resources and information. I hope my site can compile that information into something more manageable and be something easier to sift through. I am hoping my site can be one that can be revisited time and again by those who need the guidance. There is one big national event coming up in February, Night to Shine, which is a prom for those with special needs, that I covered in the past and I hope to feature it on my site. Even though it is after the class ends, I hope to continue adding to the site and letting it grow.

I like the fact that while building my site, it automatically builds it for website and tablet view. This will make it accessible to more people. It is a matter of reality that people carry their phones with them everywhere they go and are constantly using them to look things up. With my site being accessible on the go, it could help drive up the traffic to the site and allow for more visitors.

I realize that I may need to eventually choose a more focused URL for my site, as using just my name may not let the user know what the site is for. Starting off though, it is good for getting my name associated with the information I want to provide.

Haley Roney

Haley Roney

Haley is a student at Middle Georgia State University. She is currently working on obtaining her Master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing.