My Intro to Technical Writing

My Intro to Technical Writing

I enjoyed expanding my understanding in technical writing this week and familiarizing myself with the disciplinary approach to technical writing and how it can integrate into digital writing. As I write, I find it fundamentally important to grow and change how we communicate to ensure we can learn and help each other. The way I see it, if we never learn new ways of communicating, we will never learn anything except what we already know. The uniqueness and interactive nature of digital writing does seem intimidating to writers like me that are versed and practiced in the disciplinary approach to writing.

Grasping the Digital Age

My understanding of technical writing in the digital age is conveying accuracy and information in a technical way while including some of the engaging language digital writing is known for. Digital writing is new, and we are still defining and understanding what it is. Simply put, presenting precise communication through visual aids and other forms of information that are interactive and adaptable. I find this concept quite important. As the world evolves, we must find more interesting and informative ways to convey information without sacrificing the information integrity. One major point that stood out to me is the importance of knowing your audience and reaching them in a language they can clearly understand. The significance of the discourse community and what specialized language would be utilized for each is quite important and something I have attempted to focus on in my own writing. I try to ask myself, “who am I writing this for and how would they bets understand what I am trying to say?”

Adaptation is Key

A point that stood out to me in reference to my personal career and growth is focusing on ways to integrate these two different but related fields. Content adaptation directly speaks to how to transform discipline-specific content in the digital platforms. I think it would be an interesting job to review discipline specific
data into digital platforms because you would essentially by rewriting the
information using less words and more visual elements, but still attempting to
value the credibility and truth of the information. One of my favorite sayings
is” there is always more than 1 way to skin a cat” and this would be a great
test for that theory. Attempting to convey the same message in a different,
more relatable, and understandable way sounds like an interesting but rewarding

I found the definitions and details of the user-centered design, interactive elements, and hyperlinks interesting as well. I am working on becoming a great writer and as stated before, I have struggles with narrowing down exactly who I am speaking to in my writing. The user-centered design and its emphasis on easily navigable information I found helpful, and I am unsure of how to present my information in this way. I believe these studies will ease my worry on the front. The same point can be made about interactive elements. Most of my work is quite wordy, and I need to figure out what elements I am most comfortable with. I believe by doing so I will be able to reach more readers and more creatively. Hyperlinks and references would assist with the credibility factor in my information. I have reviewed many articles, newspapers, books, and journals. When I see a hyperlink or extensive reference list, I feel that the author has done their homework, and this work is credible. I need to utilize this tactic to help my readers trust and find my work credible.

There's More to Technophobia Than the Fear of Technology | Discover Magazine

Zeroing in on the Reader

While it is important to know who I am speaking to, it must be accessible to all. I find it difficult to know for sure exactly who I am speaking to, and therefore, foresee who will have access to my work. That, in my opinion, is the conundrum with digital writing. The internet and everywhere, and digital platforms have essentially taken over our world. Where does the old way of writing tie into that issue of the internet. The great thing about digital writing is its diverse nature and its capability to be fully accessible. If I write a journal, or article, will everyone have access to it? Or will there be a pay wall or some other impediment? I read through the multiple examples of how to integrate these two fields and although they make
sense to me, I still have reservations. I look forward to easing my fear of the
digital world as well as my fears associated with artificial intelligence and
it's inevitable takeover. 😊

Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Macon, ga