My Persona and 3D Printing

My Persona and 3D Printing

Hello All,

My name is Theresa Baraga. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I work as a tax accountant. My primary degree that I utilize in my professional career is a Master of Science in Accounting, which I obtained in 2016 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am a lifelong learner, currently pursuing my 11th degree and my 3rd master's. In the field of writing, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Professional Writing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2015.

Online Persona

When I was considering my online persona and what I wanted to write about, I thought about whether I should write about what I know or what I am learning. If I had chosen to write about what I know, I would have focused on the accounting field and how it differs from what I learned in school. I would have also offered advice on skills that, while not covered in school, could give graduating student's a competitive edge.

For what I am learning I had two options, the first being to do a continuation on my previous class assignment and write about how to incorporate AI, such as ChatGPT, into technical writing and education. However, I decided that, for me, I wanted to have more fun with this assignment and opted to focus on my new personal hobby. This choice allows me to develop in more than reviewing my knowledge and updating my writing skills as required by this course but also in my hobby and expanding into new areas. I am still working on my website but have already secured the domain from NameCheap. I am currently in the process of setting up the website completely with EasyWP. My email for the website is [email protected]

Professional Community

I've chosen to represent the 3D crafting community, with a focus on the LotMaxx Shark V3.This past summer, I received the LotMaxx Shark V3, a 3D printer and engraver, as a gift and have been learning how to use it. There is a lot of information about3D printers online; however, for a beginner its hard to wade through so much information. Since I am just starting out I will be researching and learning it myself, intending to act as a filter for the information. Given that I will be researching and learning myself, I figured it could form the basis for my writing, allowing me to bring my readers on my journey with me.


My strategy for my writing to gain credibility will be referencing professional sources.As a new 3D printer,the most important strategy I have to establish credibility is citing credible sources and ensuring the accuracy of my information.I will be testing the information I find to ensure credibility and talking with experts who have experience with3D printing though maybe not with my specific printer.

My second strategy would be to be honest about the problems I encounter with my 3D printer. I plan to write a section dedicated to my bloopers with 3D printing. This section will serve multiple purposes: firstly, by showing common mistakes when getting into 3D printing, secondly, by establishing a commonality with my audience, thirdly, as a source of as comedic relief, and fourthly, as a form of encouragement to those getting started.

My third strategy would be to review some of the software and websites available for 3D printers. There are two categories that I will be reviewing, specifically services that provide 3D models to print and the slicing software that transforms the design file into a file that the printer understands. These are two things that are essential for any 3D printer but has a wide variety of options available.

My fourth strategy is to divide my writing into categories that will have the same tone and style in that particular category. The categories I have determined so far are "setup and reviews", "printing bloopers", and "tips and tricks". The "setup and reviews"category will have a serious advising tone and style since that is where I will be posting about how to get started in 3D printing as well as providing reviews of the software and websites that are available. The "printing bloopers" category will have a humorous tone as well as some guidance on correcting the issues that are encountered. The "tips and tricks" will focus on quick practical insights that can help printers,offering a straight forward summary of the lessons learned in the other two categories.

These strategies will help me develop into an authority in 3D printing while at the same time narrowing down the focus of my content. The LotMaxx Shark V3 also has the engraver function, which really interests me, so I'm debating on whether I should include a section in my website that just focuses on the engraving aspect.

Theresa Baraga

I am working toward a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing from MGA. Currently I am working as a tax accountant and am exploring 3D printing as a hobby.
Las Vegas, NV