The Magic of Books

The Magic of Books
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I Represent Transitioning Service Members

As a veteran, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to transition into the civilian workforce. I would like to become a professional editor and help people as they start their journey in academic writing. I can branch out and edit other things like articles, blogs, and books etc., but would like to initially focus on editing academic writing. I have acquired editing skills from both the military and from higher education. I want to use those skills to help other individuals transition into academic writing by providing essay editing services. During my graduate program, I was a writing center tutor and enjoyed helping undergraduates with their writing. Some students wrote the way they talked and needed help adjusting to formal writing. I believe I can help new academic writers. I would like to consider representing the transitioning military audience who want to pursue higher education. Navigating the academic fields of writing is vastly different than the shortened military jargon way of speaking and considering I am just on the other side of this transition having completed my degrees, this community fits me right now.

In addition to editing services, I want to create a blog that focuses on cultivating empathy through literature. I would target the young adult audience with selections of literature that introduce readers to diverse stories to elevate their reading experiences and their lives. Some conflicts can start with preconceptions and false narratives. With proper exposure, children can be more susceptible to embracing differences instead of combating or shunning them. I believe a person’s life can be changed with a good book if a story can reach them and speak to their life experiences. I aim to review and discuss books that have lessons on acceptance, empathy, diversity, and kindness among other topics. My goal is to introduce readers to novels that can hopefully translate lessons learned in fiction to real life.

My Technical Writing Persona

My persona as a digital writer is practical and imaginative. I want to facilitate academic writing for transitioning military members by relating to how they are as a writer and providing easy to use and appealing resources to get them started. I spent many days staring at a blank screen trying to start a research paper and not knowing where to begin. I want to reach these new students where they are and provide a non-judgmental space for them to be encouraged and motivated to learn.

On the other hand, I would also like to create a space for book lovers. I want to blog about what I’ve read, the lessons I gleaned from the reading, and provide book reviews. I would also create engaging content and media that would further enhance the audience’s experience with my website. From the readings this week, “personas offer a versatile and valuable approach to connect with diverse audiences”. I aim to do that by providing relatable content for new academic writers of both military and non-military affiliations. I will also provide a positive learning environment that cultivates empathy in young readers. The task at hand now would be the “how”. How do I create engaging and valuable content? I’ll figure that out along the way. Or maybe I can create resource pages that direct people to the proper websites.

To Be Credible

The strategies I intend to employ to provide credibility based on the readings are conducting scientific research, citing credible sources, obtaining certificates from credible education platforms, transparency, and maintaining up-to-date information on my website.

Writing sources are paramount to providing tips for new writers. It is important I disclose where I retrieved my information and provide it so they can access the information for themselves. I can summarize information I’ve discovered and provide the location of the source material if the person needs further information. In my blogging, it is based on my experience and opinion, but I can provide factual information to support my claims by adding source information from a psychologist or sociologist in childhood behavior. And I can use media formats like podcasts to present my material.

I will also provide my military and education experience on my about page. If I want to reach military members, I should show them my affiliation by listing my service history. I would think most people wouldn’t lie about being in the military, but in the art of transparency, I would provide that information.  

Before I read the section on “Registering a Professional TLD” that cautioned against the use of hyphens, I registered the domain name For the sake of this project, this website provides writing services and a blog section about books. I chose the site Webador based on price, and I used an auto generated template. The site is live but definitely still under construction. I will continue to make edits during the program.




Jessica Steverson

I am a retired Air Force veteran. I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology and I received my master's in English. I love to read and watch movies. My professional goal is to become a technical writer.
Ludowici, GA