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My wife and I have a shared dream of living in New York City for about three to five years. We have been married now for almost 19 years, have two daughters, and soon to be six grandchildren. That dream is still a dream, and we are happy in Georgia. However, every so often I like to look up my fantasy three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I like to look up my apartment address on Google Maps and look at what restaurants are nearby. I use StreetEasy to look up New York City real estate to fuel my dream. is a real-estate website designed for New York City. StreetEasy provides simplified property searches, a guide through the city’s neighborhoods and boroughs, and expert understanding to make easier decisions. StreetEasy also provides market intelligence, financial tools, user reviews about neighborhoods all in an easy-to-use website and mobile application.  Information architecture is a critical component of web design, and plays a role in how users navigate and interact with a website. In the case of StreetEasy, information architecture plays a key role in ensuring users can easily find, access, and comprehend the overwhelming information of available NYC real estate.  

Main Menu Structure

StreetEasy's main menu structure consists of several primary categories and subcategories. These categories make it easy for users to navigate and access the information needed to access real estate in New York City. The primary structures include buying, renting, selling, locations, pricing tools and resources, and assorted blogs and advertising. This menu structure is designed to provide users with easy access to different aspects of the New York City real estate market. Users can search for properties, explore new developments, access mortgage-related tools, read informative guides, and use various resources. Additionally, users can manage their accounts, contact the website, and access important legal and privacy information through the "More" section. main menu

  Sub-Menu Structure

StreetEasy has a well-organized submenu and dropdown structure under its main menu categories. Each submenu or dropdown in the information architecture is designed to provide a more specific and detailed focus on the selected category or topic. For example, under "Buy," users can narrow down their property search by selecting the property type and the number of bedrooms. Under "Guides," users can access informative content related to neighborhoods, market reports, and various real estate guides.

Search Bar Structure and Features

The search bar on is a crucial and powerful tool that allows users to find properties and real estate information quickly and efficiently. The primary purpose of the search bar is to help users find real estate listings. Users can enter keywords, such as neighborhood names, street addresses, or property types. The search bar is designed to understand and process natural language queries, making it user-friendly and accommodating various search inputs. StreetEasy's search bar has a location-aware feature. As users start typing a location or neighborhood, the search bar provides autosuggestions, helping users find the specific area they are interested in. This feature simplifies the search process and minimizes errors in location input. Overall, the search bar on is a versatile tool that allows users to search for real estate listings with precision and efficiency. It is designed to cater to various user needs and preferences, making it a valuable resource for those looking to buy or rent property in New York City. search bar

Labeling and Terminology employs clear and intuitive labeling and terminology to enhance your browsing and property search experience. StreetEasy's labeling and terminology are designed to streamline your property search and provide access to an array of useful resources. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate professional, StreetEasy aims to make your journey through the NYC real estate market as straightforward and informative as possible.

Content Hierarchy

  Content prioritization on StreetEasy is designed to assist users to find the most relevant information efficiently. The website's layout and organization emphasize the following key areas: Property Listings, Search Bar and Filters, Neighborhood Information, Market Reports, Property Details, User Reviews, Interactive Map, and Mortgage and Financial Tools. The prioritization of these elements reflects StreetEasy's attempt to help users make well-informed decisions about real estate in New York City. The most important information revolves around property listings, search functionality, neighborhood data, market insights, and tools that assist users in their property search and decision-making processes. StreetEasy attempts to be a one-stop resource for anyone looking to buy or rent in the NYC real estate market.

Navigation Pathways

StreetEasy provides clear and intuitive navigation pathways that allow users to access specific types of content and information efficiently. StreetEasy's clear and well-structured navigation pathways enable users to find specific content, whether they're searching for properties, neighborhood information, market data, financial tools, or educational resources. The website's intuitive design and menu structure help users access the information they need to make informed decisions in the New York City real estate market.

A look at my portfolio website indicates that I need to structure my website a little better. Some content is missing and I need to update my intentions with the website. What does my website want to grow up to be? Is it a clearing house for all things OSINT? Is it a professional portfolio? I don't know yet.

Jason Ledford

Jason Ledford

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