Optimizing the Principles of SEO to Attract Educators #SEO

Optimizing the Principles of SEO to Attract Educators #SEO

With the goal of improving a site’s search engine ranking, the implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has aided countless digital platforms by creating easy-to-understand guidelines aimed at attracting interested users. Successful execution of these principles can increase traffic to the site, as well as ensures users can easily find the information they are seeking in the quickest was possible.

Principles of SEO

On-Page Optimization

This optimization details completing keyword research, identifying keywords customers use to search for information, content optimization, ensuring the site provided informative information, metadata optimization, carefully constructing meta descriptions, and page speed and mobile friendliness, ensuring fast mobile responsiveness.  The importance of ensuring all four of these requirements are met lends itself to the user-centered design, focused on how efficiently the users can interact with the digital platform.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page actions are completed outside of the digital platform/website to optimize visibility in search engines. This is key to drawing valuable users to the platform. These tactics include link building, creating backlinks to the desired site, implementing social signals, increasing social media engagement, and online reputation management, maintaining a positive online reputation. These tactics are invaluable to the SEO system and following these guidelines ensures increased activity and utilization of the digital platform.

Project Goals and Target Audience

The discourse community my site, kynndrathefriendlyhelper.com, is targeting are current and upcoming teachers of all forms of writing. The site is designed to provide helpful tips to better equip educators in the journey of teaching and learning. As an aspiring teacher, and long-time student, I have found utilizing unfamiliar but relevant resources has greatly increased my success in both my professional and personal life. I chose this field of study and discourse community to provide aid to and learn educators with the goal of sharing knowledge for the betterment of our youth and society.

SEO in Action

SEO Strategy

Through my research and reading through the provided material by Professor Gerald Lucas, I find navigation, scannability, and readability to be most relevant to my discourse community. Teachers are quite busy (being awesome), and their time is quite valuable. The information needs to be clear, easy to access and correct.  Focusing on user-centered design principles increases visibility to my site, but also ensures return users. By ensuring the site is easy to navigate, clearly formatted and logically organized, teachers will be able to easily locate the needed information or tips. Including interactive elements, responsive designs, and visual elements allows interacting with the site, increasing credibility.

By completing extensive research to identify key phrases and words used to locate information similar to my site's, search engines will offer my site more often. Another important SEO guideline to follow will be to increase the mobile utilization of the site, ensuring users can have full accessibility to the provided information on demand. Accounting for this access, as well as ensuring my site is user-tested and uses user-centric language, will further strengthen the faith my users have in my site and will increase their utilization of the site.

Kynndra Watson

Kynndra Watson

Macon, ga