Ruck 'Em Up - A Touch Rugby Discourse

Ruck 'Em Up  - A Touch Rugby Discourse

Professional Persona

What is a professional persona? From the reading, a professional persona is a versatile and valuable tool to connect with a diverse audience. It is how you want yourself to be seen in your chosen field of 'expertise'. You have to create your own voice, establish credibility, and maintain that trust with your audience. You have to find the kind of vibe you are going for and stick with it as you develop your persona. A sudden change in tone or attitude is a shock to your loyal readers and should be avoided at all cost. You don't want to do anything that will make your readers question you as a credible, reliable source of information.

The professional persona that I am aiming to establish is one of a warm, welcoming, informative coach. I want people to feel confident in asking questions through the contact link on my website. I want them to trust that I'll answer their questions to the best of my ability in a way that doesn't make them feel stupid. I'll go more in depth about my discourse community in subsequent paragraphs, but the discourse community I am choosing is one with a small number of experts. I want to grow that number and the members of the greater community. I'm aiming to bring people to my community in a way that makes them feel safe, heard, and welcome. That's how you grow, right?

I know that is the tone I give off when I am doing my coaching thang in person, but it may take a moment to get the hang of it on a digital space. I intend to use inviting graphics, link to beginner friendly videos, write articles that I'll do my best to filter through friends who are not familiar with the sport to test for readability and understandability.

Discourse Community

Although it may not seem like a 'professional' discourse, the community that I am going to represent throughout this semester is the F.I.T. rugby community. F.I.T. stands for Federation of International Touch. The Federation of International Touch is the overarching governing body for F.I.T. rugby. This governing body puts clearly defined rules to the game of touch rugby.

Why F.I.T.?

Not all Union rugby clubs play F.I.T. rules which can be chaotic. F.I.T. rugby is a completely different game than tackle rugby and touch played at tackle practices. F.I.T. is a uniform way to play touch rugby and has a large following in many different countries. F.I.T. rugby is growing in the USA, but not at the same speed as our international friends. Touch rugby is an amazing sport that helps rugby players, and other individuals, stay active throughout their life-span. It is a minimal contact sport that is enticing to rugby players who still play tackle, rugby players who are no longer able to play tackle, and those just interested in playing a fun, new, fast paced sport. Even some professional/Olympic tackle rugby players, like Stacy Waaka, credit their tackle rugby prowess to playing touch during childhood.

I found F.I.T. rugby this past year and it has made a world of difference for me. Of the players listed above, I fall into the 'rugby player who is no longer able to play tackle rugby' category. It is a hard sport to lose. There is such a strong community around it. Rugby teams are a family, not just a team. F.I.T. rugby teams are just the same. I want to make this sport as accessible as possible.

Website Goals

My goal with my website is to make the game more accessible to the average person, especially someone who is new to rugby in general. I'd like to centralize the basics of the game into easily digestible articles, videos, and graphics. I currently do this on my F.I.T. team's social media accounts, but I'd like to have it on my website as well. I'm debating on if I would like to link our local club's social pages to my website or just leave it for my personal use. Thoughts and feedback about the pros/cons of this would be greatly appreciated.

I'm starting with the basics, but eventually I'd like to add more complex concepts and strategies. The website will hopefully grow with me as I also learn the game more in depth myself. I'm new to FIT rugby, and have been struggling to learn the finer points of the game. I have experience with tackle (union) rugby and I find it difficult to understand F.I.T. at times. I can only imagine what it must be like for someone who is brand new to rugby in general. Check out my website below if this may be something you are interested in learning more about!


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