Remediation Challenge

I chose to take one of my own publications and enhance it using remediation. During my time as a business owner, I developed a step-by-step installation manual for my product. It was very simple and basic with each step being written in simple terms and easy to follow. The reason I chose this product to remediate were simple - it needed it and it would help me do something I have been meaning to do for a long time. The manual itself was fine. It covered each point clearly and anyone with a basic knowledge of working on a car would be able to complete the install without issue. However, not everyone is confident when working on their own car. Also, not all of my customers are great at comprehension, so offering other ways of this do-it-yourself job would benefit them as much as me.

As I thought about those who have purchased my product, I began to realize my customers would not be purchasing from me if they could make these modifications themselves. Can they handle the install? Sure, but if there were confident in taking their own parts and improving them, they would. Since they are ordering from me, obviously this is something they cannot do or do not have the time to complete themselves. As I contemplated this, I decided to further analyze my product. I took a step back from my installation guide and started over. I thought about manuals I have used throughout the years. I also thought about installation job I have done my self, especially lately as my wife and I renovate an older home. What where the things about the manuals I liked? What did I not like? Was there extra information that was unneeded? Was there other ways to get help besides the manual itself?

As I thought about these questions and others, I made a list of the items I felt my guide was missing. I used Power Point to help make my manual more helpful and informative. I chose this platform because I am familiar with using it and felt I could accomplish what I needed while making sure it was correct. I began by adding all of the step it takes to install my product, which is what my original manual did. Once that was done, I decided to add illustrations of each step, further enhancing the instructions. After I did this for each step, I created a video that shows me going through each step slowly and explaining what I am doing throughout the installation. I added the link to the last slide of the digital manual as well as created a QR code that will take customers straight to the video and pasted this on the last slide as well. This new and improved manual can be accessed via an email link sent to the customer or by accessing the file via the link I include in the shipment.

Richard P. Schnars

I currently own my own business but am branching out into the blog world creating posts on automotive aspects of my business. I have been married for 28 years and have a 24 year old daughter.