Remediation: An Intake Assessment

Remediation: An Intake Assessment
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The discourse community I chose was the mental health community. This community not only consists of individuals interested in mental health and those seeking therapy; it also includes individuals who provide therapy. I decided to remediate an intake guide into a multimodal instruction manual via PowerPoint for new counselors who want to learn how to successfully submit an intake assessment to an insurance company. Intake assessments are important and need specific information about the client to be accepted. I walk the new counselor through each step of the assessment in my PowerPoint.


To begin, the original intake guide looks bland. Although it is straight forward, the only color that is provided in the guide is the graphic for the company--Grow Therapy. I am a neurodivergent person, which makes me want to do whatever is needed to help with accessibility and those with disabilities to understand the content better. Some individuals are visual learners and do well with colors to help certain things to stand out. I am one of those people. The positive thing about the intake guide is that it is not overwhelming, it contains a good amount of white space to help break up what is being presented.

Transforming the Content

When transforming the content, I wanted to make sure I used color, but not too much of it. I also wanted to keep a minimalistic feel to the instruction manual so that the reader could concentrate on the material. I used a few different colors, as well as bold writing for important titles. I added photos to the instruction manual. Although the photos are unrelated, the photos that were chosen are meant to break up the monotony of the material.


In my opinion, I feel as if the instruction manual is a better source of information because of its instructional design. It does not include anything auditory or tactile, but it does include a variety of things to keep a visual learner's attention. Unfortunately, the intake guide is not accompanied with videos or hands-on content to appeal to other learners. I was not able to find a video or any other material on Grow Therapy's intake process. I imagine that this instruction manual would be more effective with a video or a recording of someone talking through the intake assessment.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed remediating the material to an instruction manual that is neurodivergent-friendly. I created a PowerPoint for the intake guide to assist with helping a new counselor understand what is needed to submit to insurance companies. The original content was bland and hard to follow if you have trouble with attention. The new PowerPoint was delivered with neutral colors and photos to help provide a relaxing feel to the reader. The PowerPoint also contained words that were bolded and words that have different colors to appeal to the visual learner. A new counselor should now have a better experience with learning how to submit assessment paperwork.

Azizza Pitts

Azizza Pitts

A full-time therapist and a part-time blogger. Azizza services the middle Georgia community and advocates for mental health. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing.
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