Remediation: Preparing for SSI Disability Benefits

Remediation: Preparing for SSI Disability Benefits
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One of the challenges parents with special needs children face is signing them up for SSI benefits when the time comes. I found an SSI Child Disability Starter Kit that has pages of information on how to go about preparing for applying for SSI Disability benefits for your child under 18. I decided to make it into a Canva presentation to make it more accessible and easier to process for parents.

Audience analysis

My audience for this particular presentation is parents with children under the age of 18 who are applying for SSI Disability. Their needs would include needing to know what all is needed to apply for SSI Disability and what information they will be required to provide when the time comes for their interview.

Why I chose Canva

I chose Canva, as I am mostly familiar with PowerPoint when it comes to making presentations, but I wanted to try something new. I really like how Canva was set up and how simple it was to make a presentation with it. My Canva encourages audience engagement by allowing the user to click around the slide topics to find the information they may be looking for. In Dr. Gerald Lucas's Remediation in Technical Writing: Bridging the Analog-Digital Divide, he mentions that user engagement can cater to diverse learning styles. I am hoping that by making my presentation topics clickable, I am catering to those who have a more hands-on learning style. I kept my style as simple as I could and kept it fairly minimalistic.

Why I chose the topic I did

Getting a child with special needs their SSI disability can be a frustrating process. It also can be a lot of information thrown at you that can be overwhelming. I am hoping my Canva makes it a little easier for the guardian to process the information. While making the Canva, I realized the checklist especially was a lot to take in. I am hoping the presentation makes it easier to digest as opposed to the paper checklist that was on the SSA website.


I believe my clarity is okay, as I tried to make different pieces of information have their own slide. This way, hopefully, the user will not become confused with all of the information being thrown at them and get things mixed up. I did not include any text or videos, but I did include interactive features to engage the user. I also made sure to include the link to the Child Disability Report in my Canva presentation which, from my understanding, can be done in place of the disability interview, which is beneficial for those who would rather provide the information online than in person. I also made sure to include the section about being more comfortable in speaking in a language other than English so that non-native English speakers know there is help for them to conduct their SSI business.

I did my best to include the most important information from the site in my presentation. I hope that it can help someone out who may need the information and gets overwhelmed with paperwork.

Haley Roney

Haley Roney

Haley is a student at Middle Georgia State University. She is currently working on obtaining her Master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing.