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SEO Strategy and a breakdown of what it touches from
SEO Strategy and a breakdown of what it touches from

A basic definition of SEO is a digital marketing strategy that enhances a website's search engine results. However, that definition fails to incorporate what an SEO can really accomplish. A successful SEO allows a comprehensive approach to boosting a website's visibility and ranking on search engines. SEO strategies include optimizing content, selecting pertinent keywords, and incorporating meta tags to attract organic traffic, ultimately heightening the likelihood of discovery by users seeking relevant information. 

"SEO refers to the practice of optimizing online content to enhance its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs)." -Dr. Lucas

There are many ways to develop an SEO strategy. The key to focus on is more than keywords, as keyword stuffing will harm the website's credibility. Instead, a focus on who your audience is, what their expectations are, and developing solid, organized content will not only establish a strong base but also help a technical writer to develop good practices that ensure that the SEO strategy is integrated into their writing since they automatically consider the basis of the strategy. It is better to use a few accurate keywords than to employ hundreds.

My Strategy

My website lacks an SEO strategy, so developing an integrated system now, when my website is just beginning, will allow me to make it automatically part of my writing and work on my website. The project I decided to develop an SEO strategy on would be my website. My website focuses on combining blog postings and videos related to 3D printing for beginners. My target audience is generally newcomers to the 3D printer community with limited technical experience. However, 3D printers involve a lot of jargon, which can hinder reading, so understanding my audience and being able to translate the jargon is very important.

An SEO project aims to create more organic traffic to my website, including offering a translation section for the jargon. My content will be a blog posting with a video involving the setup of the 3D printer, LOTMAXX Shark V3 3D Printer. To ensure that even those without technical knowledge, it is crucial to have written directions and photos. 

I'm using the Google Keyword Planner to help me develop a solid insight so that my writing can reach the desired audience, as shown below. I will be focusing not only on the keywords but also on making sure that the headers are relevant throughout the article. Headers will not only assist with easy organization but will ensure that readers can get to the relevant area to them quicker.

Homepage of Google Keyword Planner
Homepage of Google Keyword Planner

I will need to pay attention to alt-text as images and videos are a vital part of the article. I also need to ensure that the written directions are high quality while remaining easy to understand. I will link technical content to authoritative websites to not only deepen my readers understanding but also to further establish my persona.

Theresa Baraga

I am working toward a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing from MGA. Currently I am working as a tax accountant and am exploring 3D printing as a hobby.
Las Vegas, NV