SEO For Site Helping Parents With Children With Disabilities

SEO For Site Helping Parents With Children With Disabilities
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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization helps enhance your online visibility. The better your SEO is, the higher your ranking on search engine sites such as Bing and Google.

Improving the SEO of my site

First, I think I need to come up with a good list of "buzzwords" or keywords that will draw my site up higher in the results. I think a good start would be "children with disabilities" and "applying for SSI benefits". While it is minimal, I have some content on my site that I believe could drive in an audience.


When using SEMrush, I was able to find relevant terms to my previously mentioned "buzzwords". I also learned that the ones that I had in mind would be difficult to draw in users with. From my understanding, the keyword difficulty being 92% means it will take more work for those keywords to improve my SEO standings.

Keyword Placement

As I come up with better keywords, I plan on placing them in titles, tags, and descriptions on the site to better increase my SEO. I am very new to SEO, so I believe SEMrush will be a big help as I further develop my site. According to Chris Barr of the Yahoo! Style Guide, you as the creator of a site want to use words that people are likely to use in searches and embed them in your copy. Also from reading Barr, I did not realize that overwhelming the site with keywords can impact your SEO negatively.

Technical SEO

From looking at my site on both mobile and desktop, it seems pretty accessible from both. When running my site through Google Page Speed Insights, the performance was ranked at 77, which, while not the greatest, is not too terrible either. My SEO score was also ranked at a fairly average score.

Usability and Scannability

I added alt text to the pictures I have on the site for image optimization. For my section related to applying for SSI benefits, I used a Canva that has bullet points, easy-to-access information, and navigational tools. The site itself also has clear formatting and my language is straight to the point.


I believe one of the biggest obstacles I am facing is GoDaddy wants to charge for their SEO help. While this can be a future expense I do, at the moment it is not something I have. Another challenge I am facing is the amount of competition I have. There are a lot of other sites that cater to my discourse community. I need to find a way to make my site stand out from the crowd and appear higher in search engines. I also know that I need to come up with a better set of keywords for my site to make it easier to find and access.

Haley Roney

Haley Roney

Haley is a student at Middle Georgia State University. She is currently working on obtaining her Master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing.