SEO Strategy for a Tutoring Resource Blog

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Why a Tutoring Center Resource Blog? 

A tutoring center resource blog would aim to target the tutors at the Academic Center for Tutoring (ACT) at Columbus State University (CSU), but perhaps it could also be a resource for tutors and tutoring centers outside of this organization. 

The content would focus on tutoring center discourse, tutoring practices, and advice based on peer tutoring. The goal of the project would be to provide high quality resources to tutors on a variety of tutoring topics, such as learning styles and how to work with difficult clients, in order to encourage the development of confident and independent tutors.  

The SEO Strategy 

According to Chris Barr, author of the Yahoo! Style Guide, search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques that can be used to raise a website’s ranking in search engine results. For someone with little experience with SEO, it seems overwhelming. However, breaking it down into smaller steps and prioritizing those steps that seem most important can help.  

The SEO strategy for this project is to firstly conduct thorough keyword research. I have conducted some preliminary research to get an idea of how this step works and some of the keywords that might be useful to start are tutoring center, academic support, math tutoring, writing tutoring, peer tutoring, and so on. It will be important to ensure that these keywords are also included in meta tags, titles, headings, and possibly image alternate text in a manner that is natural. 

In addition to thorough keyword research, link building and social media promotion are going to be particularly important for this project, especially with the goal of spreading the information to other tutoring centers rather than just the tutors who work with the ACT.  

Creating high-quality content and focusing on providing value to the users is going to be another critical part of the SEO strategy for this project. Since it will be targeting individuals who are part of an academic discourse community, the articles and resources should be well written and well researched with proper citations and references.  


I anticipate some challenges to arise while working on this project. The first challenge would be ensuring that the keywords are placed strategically and naturally so that there is no keyword stuffing or other inappropriate usage of keywords. It seems that this step could easily be overdone and result in difficult to read content that readers do not enjoy. It will also be a learning curve to properly use keyword databases and analyze the research to determine the best keywords in the first place.  

Link building will also present some challenges. Reaching out to creators of other resources and institutions to gain permission to link to their resources or reaching out asking to be linked on databases would require tact and excellent communication skills. It will also require patience as some of these may not allow permission or may ignore the requests.  

Ultimately, developing and implementing a SEO strategy could come with many challenges. It is a new field for me, and it will take time to become successful at SEO, but it is an essential part of developing content in the digital age. Neglecting SEO techniques would be disadvantageous to my career as a technical writer.  

Elaine Streeter

Elaine Streeter

Elaine is a creative and professional writer based in Columbus, GA.