3D Printing

SEO Development

A basic definition of SEO is a digital marketing strategy that enhances a website's search engine results. However, that definition fails to incorporate what an SEO can really accomplish. A successful SEO allows

3Dsolved.com Information Architecture

The website I selected to analyze to understand information architecture was 3Dsolved.com. It is a website that advises on 3D printing, focusing on the Ender 3 as a specific printer, though the

What is 3D Printing? A Remediation

My remediation was on James Bricknell's article on cnet.com titled "What is 3D printing?". There is a slight problem with my discourse community and this assignment on remediation, and that is that

3D Print Beginner - Website Analysis

To find the website associated with my discourse community of 3D printing, I consulted with three professional printers with more than ten years of combined experience. They recommended https://3dprintbeginner.com/ as a

My Persona and 3D Printing

Hello All, My name is Theresa Baraga. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I work as a tax accountant. My primary degree that I utilize in my professional career is a