The Professional Persona: A Digital Creation

The Professional Persona: A Digital Creation
What's the Bard's persona?

Admittedly, having or creating a persona is extremely new to me. As someone who first committed to the field of technical writing about fifteen years ago, just prior to this I did a self-evaluation of where I was and where I wanted to be career-wise, at the time. My initial thoughts leaned towards maximizing my passion for writing in this ever-evolving, high-tech landscape. I felt it would be wise to marry whatever grammatical skills I had with the technological advancements of the time. Granted, salary and money were major motivators, but I felt it was the right trek to make moving forward.


Enter Calvin Green, the technical writer/business writer/documentation specialist- or at least that's what my job titles stated in the subsequent years. Consequently, this would mark my first foray into the convergence of the old ways of onomatopoeia and oxford commas with user manuals and software documentation. Alas, the intervening years have been very beneficial in my development as a technical writer. I have been exposed to a plethora of industries which have broadened my writing perception and capabilities, thus giving me the wherewithal to adapt and grow as a writer. Now, it is incumbent upon me to continue to utilize those learned skills moving forward.


Having been in government, healthcare, insurance and law enforcement spaces (to name a few), and written extensively for each, I am not so sure if this has helped or hindered my ability in establishing a persona. My thoughts on various subjects throughout the years have been all over the place, to the point where focusing solely on one topic or genre made my mind short-circuit! It seems each year (or season!!) I get passionate about something until the next "thing" comes along. So, what do I do? Certainly, rising taxes and inflation are worth fretting about, but who wants to hear me opine on that- I'm not sure I even do! Therefore, the focus these days for me has been on mitigating life's curve balls.

As a military combat veteran with growing kids on one end and aging parents on the next, there is no greater elixir at the moment than the ability to have a stress-free life. For this reason there are two things, currently, that generate a sense of homeostasis in me in these trying times: Cooking and Traveling. That said, I love to do both of these endeavors and have often thought about ways in which I could intertwine either of these two with writing. Furthermore, as I continue to partake in both ventures I've noticed that each has its own niche communities that are very passionate- yet have their own frustrations. How can I get the most tender brisket possible? Should I opt for an offset stick-burner or electric smoker? These are commons questions in the cooking community. Meanwhile, potential travelers have concerns about safety while traveling abroad, and also getting more bang for the buck when planning a trip without breaking the family budget.

The Decision

From a mental flip of the coin, I have chosen to represent the traveling community for this project. These are the group of folks that want to get away, are passport-certified, have budget concerns but are very much intrigued by what is beyond our borders, up to and including moving abroad permanently.

I have been to quite a few places and would enjoy sharing that knowledge with others. I plan to show my credibility by presenting a very high level of objectivity about the places that I have been or the places I have researched. It would also be quite helpful to have "answers," and be extremely knowledgeable of the subjects that I speak on, thus creating a very reputable website. And one must consider his/her audience when crafting a website and writing for the web. As Dan Lawrence states in "Introduction to Digital Writing," it's also "important to learn as much as possible about their usage and behaviors to create content that is tailored to them." Meaning, I need to be adept at understanding the way my users access their web content, from mobile devices to even the various mobile operating systems.

In Sum

Having a persona, or even a brand, has been a figment of my imagination for quite some time- just one that was never put in motion. Perhaps this is the avenue that allows me to infuse my joy of writing with all the technological tools available today. With that said, you can find my website (currently under construction) at And since I can never make my mind up, ultimately I think I will take the "the" from the title and simply make it "globalcee." Therefore, the "godaddysites" moniker will remain because I am not satisfied. Also, I think it will be a more targeted segment (i.e, "Black" Man's as opposed to Man's guide) to represent a marginalized audience.

Calvin Green

Calvin Green

Calvin works as a Technical Writer for ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) creating tactical training programs for prospective law enforcement candidates. He loves to cook, travel and the outdoors.