The Professional Reader at

The Professional Reader at

The website I will analyze is John, a retired naval officer, created this site to chronicle his journey of lifelong learning and reading. He uses books, articles, and military reading lists to elevate leadership skills. With this content, he encourages personal and professional development among military leaders. He also promotes content that assists service members with their transitions to civilian leadership roles. This website fits my discourse community because it involves a military audience, an appreciation for literature, and features content that applies to both military and civilian leaders.

DoDReads is an organized website. The home page has a navigation menu at the top of the page and there are thumbnails that direct the user to each section of the website. Each tab of the navigation pane has an expansive drop-down menu with each page clearly identifying the content.    

The color scheme used throughout the site are black, gray, and yellow. The thumbnails all have similar graphics. The pictures used in the graphics for the home page are black and white, and the title block is in yellow with black letter of the same font. It is visually appealing and easy to use. The consistency reflects his military background and possibly his knowledge of graphic design. But I can tell he understands the value of a good aesthetically pleasing website. 

Other pages display the same consistency in style. For the Military Book Review page, each thumbnail has a white background with a yellow banner that labels the article “Book Review” and the by-line in black lettering. Each thumbnail also shows the book cover and displays the upload date of the article and searchable tags.

Another page labeled “Executive Summary” has a similar aesthetic with themed thumbnails in blue with bookshelves for the background and a book cover showing which book is summarized in the corresponding article.

John allows submissions from the public, barring a strict submission policy and a vetting process by an editor. People can contribute to his website by submitting military book reviews and leadership articles. This means that there is a requirement for consistency and accuracy within his website.

Visually, the DoDReads website is appealing and easy to use. The tone of the website is very honest and forthright, I think. The content encourages users to better themselves by pushing them past their comfort zones by acknowledging their shortcomings in order to grow as a leader. Information is expansive and valuable to anyone who visits the website. The website features contributions from military leaders who offer valuable insight through their experiences with navigating tough decisions. The literature they write about offer advice, talk about lessons learned, or tell war stories.

The design choices to make the website user friendly contribute to the engagement and accessibility of the content. Since all the articles use tags and are clearly identified, the search bar is an important function of the website. Users who want to find content on WWII, leadership, Korea, Navy, or diversity, to name a few, can type in their keyword and pull up all the content regarding their search.


Jessica Steverson

I am a retired Air Force veteran. I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology and I received my master's in English. I love to read and watch movies. My professional goal is to become a technical writer.
Ludowici, GA