Too Many Ads=Reader Leaves

Farmhouse on Boone landing page contains ads.
Farmhouse on Boone

Ads can be so frustrating! Have you ever found the perfect recipe or design example and had ads constantly splashing across your screen, or endless webmail signup requests? It is something to be wary of on your own site. As I attempted to analyze the page content of Farmhouse on Boone, its color scheme, and overall visual appeal, I was constantly interrupted and distracted by the pop-up ads, especially the video ads.

The site, Farmhouse on Boone, focuses on several topics that are similar to my interests. From baking recipes to food preservation and farm life, I enjoy much of the content of this site. Also, the author is located about 30 minutes from where I live, so when she discusses seasonal topics like gardening, I am in the same season. These things make the website appealing. The author, Lisa, is in a different age bracket than myself, so there are some things I do not relate to.

Overall Visual Appeal

The website has a clean, simple appearance with beautiful photography featured throughout. Although recipes are a major focus of the site, there is not a button to search all recipes until about halfway down the Home page. This website could be improved by having Recipes at the top of the page, with a drop-down menu where the reader can select Sourdough or Fermented Foods.

The new posts on the homepage were for different breads and sourdough, and depending on where you click, on the picture or the banner, the links take you to different pages for various bread recipes or the specific recipe. These pages all have a global link to "more about Lisa".

Writing Style

Thank goodness for "Jump to Recipe" buttons!

Jump to Recipe allows the reader to skip past ads.

The writing style is simple, clear, and conversational. I did not become distracted by grammatical errors. The recipes contain links to other recipes or posts that the reader may be interested in, like how to make a sourdough starter. The pictures are visually appealing and serve a purpose, like the visual of everything you will need and step-by-step photos of the recipe. There are also simple giveaways to obtain email addresses.


I believe the audience is likely busy females, mothers, and homemakers, aged 35-45, who are looking for recipes that are simple and don't require a ton of prerequisite knowledge to be successful. For that audience the writing style is good, but the extras and distractions are bad.

Overall Thoughts

There are links to other social media platforms, which is a good way to increase traffic. The requests for feedback and email addresses through giveaways are more ways to build readers and traffic.

I tested the website on my desktop and mobile device and found that both work well, have visual appeal, and provide accessibility.

The content is exactly what I am looking for, however, I may look for other sources with fewer ads.

Claire Toledo

Claire Toledo

Claire is a proud manager for local government. She is working to complete her MBPL, and balances work and school with family--husband, 2 independent children, dogs, cats, and chickens.
Defiance, Missouri