Touch Rugby Resource Site SEO

Touch Rugby Resource Site SEO

The world of FIT Touch Rugby globally and in the United States is small. USA Touch Rugby is a national sport organization run and managed by three people, but actively trying to grow. Deep diving into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could help both USA Touch, FIT Touch and my own personal website.

SEO Plan

Content Creation

In a previous blog post, I analyzed the International FIT Touch website. One of the big things missing from that website is content creation. In that blog, I also acknowledged that content creation takes time and effort. In volunteer run organizations, time is valuable. Content creation may get put on the back burner. My plan for my website is to create high-quality content that is geared towards the touch player through the entirety of their rugby lifespan. I plan to pair this with strategic use of meta tags and keyword placement. The goal is a nice mix of popular keywords and long-tail keywords strategically placed within descriptions.


I never read full websites. If I can't find what I'm looking for quickly without reading too much, I move on to the next one. Scannabilty is huge! Pictures. Clean and clear formatting. Simple language. That is my focus for this part. No one should come to my website and leave feeling like they don't have a better understanding of at least the basics of touch rugby.

The logical flow for this is to start with the basics and work up to more complex strategy as you move through the website. Of course, users will have the ability to jump straight to the complex stuff if they know the basics already, but that will be their choice. The overall structure of the site will be to progress from beginner to expert as you learn more.

Off-Page Optimization

A big factor in my website becoming a successful tool is going to be the off-page optimization. Once I've got my website developed with a strong collection of resources in a better format, I'm going to reach out to outside websites and other teams to start link-building. I'll shamelessly use my team's - Greenville Gatos Touch Rugby Club- social media presence to create more social signals for my website. I currently run all the social media and content creation for the Greenville Gatos Touch Rugby club and do the new player resource guides. Transferring those to my own website should be pretty easy.

The Gatos online reputation has already been established as a positive and factual source for FIT rugby material. The learning materials I have created that are already posted to the Gatos Instagram have been used by other teams already. That positive online reputation promoting my website will help build trust in readers who are looking for a welcoming, easy to use space to learn the sport.

Bryanna Kerbuski

Bryanna Kerbuski

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