Unique Antiques and Collectibles #persona UniqueAntiqueHunter

Unique Antiques and Collectibles #persona UniqueAntiqueHunter
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My name is Paul, aka UniqueAntiqueHunter, and, along with my wife, I like to visit antique stores, flea markets, yard sales, and any other type of place that carries unique items. This passion began several years ago when we decided to stop at a thrift store in the middle of nowhere. We ended up spending several hours looking at all of the different items they had, and, yes, we came home with a few. This began the adventure of not just looking for antiques, but looking for unique items not found in most places.

The community I will represent will be those who enjoy looking for those items not often found in your everyday store or in other people's homes. I live in an area where there are numerous "booth" rental businesses that allow those like me and my wife to rent a space to showcase the items they find. My website will display the items I find as well as allow people to purchase any unique item they may find. My wife is also very good at cleaning and repairing items that are considered older but can still be restored to near-original condition. As we have visited these stores and places, we have met a lot of interesting people who have encouraged us to pursue our interests and making this one-time hobby a business. I believe these are the people that will visit our website and help us reach our goal.

Strategies to build Credibility

As stated above, I have made a few connections in the antique community often referred to as "pickers." Through these connections and building new ones, I will build a network of professionals who can help me increase my website traffic and sales. I will also keep my website up-to-date with pictures, information and interesting stories about pieces I find in my pursuits. Another way to build credibility will be to open my own booth in the coming year or so where I can personally meet potential customers and share my unique finds.

Not your Everyday Profession

Most people do not realize the time and knowledge it takes to begin and maintain this type of business. A large amount of inventory is needed to get started, and to maintain interested customers, that inventory must include items that are wanted and peek the interest of potential buyers. On top of inventory, you must be able to attend auctions, yard sales, spend time online, and visit other stores in order to see what is available and what items are in high demand. All of this takes time and dedication to making sure you keep your business going and do not become yet another failed entrepreneur. As of right now, I am semi-retired as the business I started years ago has faded slightly, and while I have been writing for a few websites and blogged a few times, it is not what I want to continue pursuing as I get older. Plus, this is something my wife and I both enjoy. When she retires in the next ten years, hopefully, this hobby-turned-passion will be consistent enough to keep us enjoying our other hobby of traveling which will allow us to find more unique items from around the country.

Getting Started

The main step in getting started besides inventory is starting my webpage which can be found here. The website is very basic right now, with just minimal information. Over the next few weeks I plan on adding some of the pieces we have as well as how we came across some of the items we have. I have been inspired by people I have met in places such as Angel's Antique and Flea Mall, Country Home Furnishings, and the Old South Bazaar. Taking the time to talk with those who are already doing what I am hoping to accomplish and listening to their advice can help me and my wife be more successful on this venture. Starting this business will be a large undertaking that will take a lot of focus, research and strategy on our part to see it through. We are in the process of developing a good business plan that will unfold over the next several years. Starting the webpage is taking place sooner than planned (thanks to this class), but I know if we keep it updated and make it a priority, it will greatly help us in the long run.

Richard P. Schnars

I currently own my own business but am branching out into the blog world creating posts on automotive aspects of my business. I have been married for 28 years and have a 24 year old daughter.