SEO for a Writer's Personal Website

SEO for a Writer's Personal Website
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something I envisioned as being relatively basic. I was rather naive, because I discovered that SEO is extensively used in digital marketing to try to steer internet users to particular sites. There are several steps and methodologies involved in achieving SEO.

On-Page Optimization

For my personal website, I focused on on-page optimization. I am hoping to build upon keyword research and content optimization. I am still in the early stages of development, so this is a work in progress.


I built my site via Wix. The plan I chose was a bit more than I really intended to spend, but I believe it could lead to future success. The team at Wix appears to have it together in helping users create their personal sites.

Using the SEO tutorial on Wix, I hoped to push my site to a higher ranking on Google. When I searched it on my phone, using Bing, my site came up with no problem.

Within the tutorial I inserted fiction writer, nonfiction writer, and academic writer as my keywords. I kept them basic, but I may later change these.

Responsive Web Design

This is a term coined by Ethan Marcotte, "partner and cofounder at Autogram, a strategic consultancy that works at the intersection of design systems and content management."

Jennifer Niederest Robbins, author and web designer, wrote Learning Web Design. Quoting Marcotte, Robbins speaks of three core components of responsive web design.

-Flexible grid

-Flexible images

-CSS media queries

I somewhat achieved the first two, and I am still working on the third.

The bulk of my work has been on my laptop. However, Robbins mentions the following: "In 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage—an important milestone. The percentage of web traffic that comes from devices other than desktop browsers is steadily increasing. For roughly 10% of Americans, a smartphone or tablet is their only access to the internet because of lack of access to a computer or high-speed WiFi at work or home."

Therefore, I accessed my site from my phone. I guess I should get with the times. I found the mobile layout to be not as fluid. The content is there, though. My phone is set to dark mode. I wonder if that has any effect upon the layout. I will have to tinker with the mobile layout some to make corrections.

Usability and Scannability

Usability - I found my site to be navigable, accessible, and readable. I am using clear and concise language to build credibility and attract a mature audience.

Scannability - I am employing clear formatting, concise language, and proper whitespace layout. This should aid in a user-friendly format.

Final thoughts

I added another post to my site this afternoon. It was a brief story from a recent workday at Food Lion. Per a recommendation from Dr. Lucas, I removed a place holder and added a brief paragraph. I also linked to my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Once I get more content added and a tad more comfortable with SEO, I will advertise on my social media pages. A thorough focus on on-page optimization should result in a quality website. Check out the changes at drromano2b.

Mike Romano

Mike Romano

Mike is currently a technical writing graduate student and a civilian US Navy blue collar worker.
Chesapeake, VA