Web Analysis

Web Analysis
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A website I found that seems similar to what I want my website to be is ExceptionalLives. This site has resources for both families and schools. It also features a blog, a podcast, a provider search, and stories from families.

The target audience appears to be families of those with children with disabilities and schools. While the blogs and podcasts seem to be geared towards people all over, the provider search seems to only pertain to Massachusetts and Louisiana.

Services Finder that is available on ExceptionalLives

The front page of the site is well put together. It has navigational tools available to reach certain aspects of the site and also has blog posts and family stories on the front page, so the posts are accessible in multiple places. The site uses orange and blue coloring, which are also the colors of the logo.

When exploring the site, accessibility is prominent, as they have a transcript available of the podcast so that each one can also be read along with listened to. The family stories are also accompanied by videos and transcripts of each video. As someone with auditory sensitivity, I really appreciate being able to read the transcripts as opposed to having to listen to the podcasts or videos to get the information.

The blog posts and podcasts seem to be more on the educational side style-wise, as they are written and recorded to present information to families and schools. The posts are conversational in tone and open the door for questions to be answered. The scanability, especially of transcripts of the podcasts, is well presented. The site uses larger orange heading style writing for parts that carry a little more importance.

Scanability example of one of the podcast transcripts on the site

I also visited the site from my phone to check and see if the site had mobile-friendly formatting and while the site is accessible from my phone, it seems like they just took the site and shrunk it down to fit on a smaller screen, so it is a lot of scrolling on the mobile side. The site also has great credibility as its podcast guests are experts in their fields and the host is a community engagement specialist. The blogs are also written by experts in their given field.

I would say the effectiveness of the writing style is very effective. Everything is written and explained in a sense that is understandable for people who are not experts in the subject and may not quite understand the more complex terms. The blogs are also written with clear and concise headings breaking up the sections of each blog to make them easier to read and process. A lot of the blogs are also written in list form, clearly numbered and divided.

I would say ExceptionalLives is a good blueprint for how I want my site to present itself. It has good accessibility and is user-friendly. It also talks in a way that people can understand and presents its wealth of information in an easily digestible format.

Haley Roney

Haley Roney

Haley is a student at Middle Georgia State University. She is currently working on obtaining her Master's degree in Technical and Professional Writing.