Website Analysis: Psychology Today

Website Analysis: Psychology Today

This week's assignment required us to review a website that is a part of our discourse community. Psychology Today is a website that is known in the mental health discourse community. It is known for posting articles written by professionals in the healthcare field. It is also known for assisting visitors in matching with a therapist in their area.

Tone, Language, & Clarity

To start off, the tone of this website gives off a clear and informative vibe. The language is directed towards the adult population that may be seeking help. The purpose of this website is clear--to help others on their health journey.

Target Audience

The target audience of Psychology Today would be all people who are looking for assistance in bettering their life--whether mentally or physically. Psychology Today is also a website for those who want to find a licensed therapist in their area. Again, this website is for people who are seeking help in creating a better life for themselves.

Effectiveness of Writing Style

They have different categories for the articles that include but are not limited to--therapy, body image, leadership, neurodiversity, mental health stigma, diet, relationships and burnout. You can easily get lost in the sea of articles. I read an article from the Motivation category, and it did its job of motivating me to get back physically active. All articles are reviewed by Psychology Today staff or a mental health professional.

Visual Appeal

Psychology Today has a minimalistic style. The website does not present as overcrowded; however, it is filled with multiple resources and ways to increase satisfaction of life for visitors. The entire website continues the color scheme of light blue, grey, and black text--all of this matches the Psychology Today logo and theme. The website contains sections for articles, contributors, advertisements for their magazine subscription, and multiple areas to "search for a therapist."

On each page you visit, there is a grey bar with the words, "Find a Therapist" inside of it and encourages the visitor to insert their city or zip code. When you insert your city or zip code, Psychology Today give you a list of therapists, (pictures included), what areas they specialize in, and how many years they have been in practice. Each therapist has a introduction and description of the type of therapy they provide and what an individual can expect for the first session. The visual setup of this portion can be overwhelming because of all of the information being provided.

Engagement & Accessibility

The website is easily accessible; however, the level of engagement is average. There are no quizzes, videos or interactive elements for the user to engage in. This website is strictly informative. The level of engagement reminds me of the Huffington Post website where there's many written articles throughout the page. The Huffington Post has the categories listed at the front of the page which is very convenient. Psychology Today does not. The Psychology Today website contains a few search boxes and a top bar menu, but nothing to help navigate through the written articles.

Concluding Thoughts

The Psychology Today website does its job with being informative and easily accessible; however, it lacks interactive material. It has an informative tone, and the language is clear and readable by a broad population. The multimodal approach of this website helps draw the reader in to either read a self-help article or find a therapist.

Azizza Pitts

Azizza Pitts

A full-time therapist and a part-time blogger. Azizza services the middle Georgia community and advocates for mental health. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Technical and Professional Writing.
Macon, Georgia