Widow's Voice or Widowed Voices

Widow's Voice or Widowed Voices

Widow's Voice is a blog that is supported by Soaring Spirits International, which is a non-profit organization with a mission to create community for widowed people. Much of the focus of the community is peer-based grief support, but the organization also supports research, provides information about resources for widowed people as well as connecting them to local social groups. While there are many great resources supported by Soaring Spirits, the focus of my #webanalysis is the Widow's Voice blog.


The blog is authored by seven different authors, who each post on a different day of the week. Based on their pictures and biographies, there are six female authors and one male author, who vary in their locations and ages. There have also been a few dozen authors since 2009, which is the earliest post I could find. Each of the authors bring a different experience to the blog, which readers will appreciate as being widowed is a unique experience. I wonder when the blog was named because Widow's Voice doesn't seem to do this blog justice as it excludes widowers and is represented by multiple authors. I would have named this blog Widowed Voices.

Layout and Design

The home page of the blog features picture tiles of the most recent blog posts. Below that is a list of blog categories that include topics such as "Widowed & Unmarried," "Widowed Holidays," and "Widowed Therapy" to name a few. This design feature allows readers to search for topics that are most pertinent to them. Finally, just below that is a chronological list of blog posts starting with the most recent.

Overall, the layout is quite attractive. There color scheme uses orange text for blog titles, blog categories, and authors' names. Blue is used for dates, while green is used for some of the headings. Navigation is simple, and the blog is colorful and welcoming as displayed below.

Although there are several authors, the layout of each blog post is the same. There's a title with a date and the author's name at the top. Usually, a picture or two is featured in the post. At the bottom of the post the blog categories attached the post, the author's name, picture, and bio are listed. Below the bio is a comment section, where readers can react and discuss the post with other readers/the author. I appreciate the consistency of the formatting of the blog posts. I know what to expect no matter which author is writing.

Tone and Style

Each author brings their own flavor and experience to the post, but the general tone of the blog is informal and conversational. The authors write primarily from their personal experience. This tone is appropriate for the audience of this blog as readers want to hear about how others who have experienced similar losses process and move forward. This kind of sharing helps readers feel less alone.

While not necessary some authors will reference an article that they have read that deals with an aspect of widowed living. For example, author Gary Ravitz cites a couple of articles in his blog on loneliness. He cites several sources, including a Psychology Today article, verywellmind, and a Harvard report on loneliness. These citations demonstrate credibility of this particular author. There are other other articles that use outside sources, and it is clear that using links as citations is the style for this blog.

Appeal and Engagement

While Widow's Voice may not adequately describe the complexity of this blog, the layout, design, tone, and style together create a welcoming space. The writing is accessible to readers of all levels as it's not heavy laden with jargon or technical language. The emotions expressed are common to those who have been widowed. The color scheme is bright and hopeful, so as not to bring more heaviness to those looking for support. The site is easy to navigate, which further adds to the accessibility and encourages reader engagement. All in all, this discourse community is an encouraging place for the widowed no matter where they may be on this journey.

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger is a full-time optimist, part-time realist. She is a higher education professional, beekeeper, and aspiring digital writer.
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