Wildly Hopeful Widowed - The Rebirth and Rebranding of an Old Blog

Wildly Hopeful Widowed - The Rebirth and Rebranding of an Old Blog

Introducing Wildly Hopeful Widowed

I'm taking a bit of a risk, but after countless hours of thinking, I've decided to call my persona Wildly Hopeful Widowed. Based on our reading, this persona is a bit unusual where the examples given were an alliterative persona name like "Trendsetter Tina." My persona is alliterative, my name, or even a noun. It's an adverb, "wildly" which modifies "hopeful" (adjective), and together the phrase, "wildly hopeful" modifies "widowed" (adjective or past tense verb). The Oxford English Dictionary online does indicate that "widowed" can be a noun if used in the plural form as the widowed is considered a class of people.

Why not use Wildly Hopeful Widow?

As I explain on my About Me page, I've always preferred to tell people "I was widowed," instead of calling myself a "widow." A widow is an identity where being widowed is an event that happened to me. Some would argue that I'm no longer a widow or widowed because I've remarried, but being widowed will always be a part of my story even if my current relationship status no longer reflects that reality.

Rebirth and Rebranding

Wildly Hopeful Widowed is a rebranding of my previous persona, Wildly Hopeful. When I first began my blog, I wrote primarily for myself and also to let my friends and family know how I was doing. I chose the name Wildly Hopeful because I didn't want my loss to paralyze me, I wanted to move forward recklessly and aggressively believing that there would still be beautiful stories in my book. My life didn't begin and end with Mike, and neither would my story. It became my purpose to live more fully because couldn't and would never be able to live out all the hopes we had. I live for both of us now.

I'm not removing any old content, but instead of the blog being mostly a personal journal, I am shifting toward writing content that may come from my personal experience, but will be backed with research and resources. I want my audience to be able content with with me on emotional level (pathos) as described in the "Theory and Practice of Personas" in the class reading, but this time I will provide research and resources.

Discourse Community and Audience

My audience will primarily consist of the widowed of all ages and stages in life, but I think loss is such a universal experience that I will be able to share experiences that will help anyone struggling through loss. I'm not a therapist by any means, but I can point people in the direction of resources to help them like GriefShare or Modern Widows Club.

Creating Credibility

To create credibility, I plan to maintain the honesty of my page's current content, but I will enhance my emotional writing with more logical arguments surrounding the topics that I will write about. Something I've personally witnessed is the sense of guilt that widows in particular feel when it comes to finding love again, and I think I can share my personal experience backed with some facts and research to help them feel more enabled to take the leap. I will also consider topics of interest to the widowed to explore with more than just my personal experience to back it up. I will research and cite sources to further support my writing.

Something that I fear may be a hinderance to my credibility is that I'm remarried and that I was widowed five years ago. I wanted to share more as I was experiencing it, but I was too close to the emotions to write most of the time. I've been hesitant to even pursue this project any further, but what drives me is that I still see the weight of the loss in my everyday life. My husband is now the same age that Mike was when he passed. He will be 40 at the end of the month. Mike died at 39, and some irrational part of me is fearful that Cory will not make it to his 40th birthday. The anxiety I feel sometimes makes me want to look into the long-lasting effects of widowhood. If I focus on writing more objectively about what the widowed experience, I may be better able to maintain that credibility.

Work in Progress

As with most things my persona and my webpage are evolving. This is certainly a work in progress, and it's more to me than just a class assignment. My goal is to grow my readership and to share what I've learned with them. In the future, I hope to write a book one day. For now, my persona is Wildly Hopeful Widowed, my domain is wildlyhopeful.me, which is powered by Squarespace, and my email is [email protected].

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger

Kimberly Leinberger is a full-time optimist, part-time realist. She is a higher education professional, beekeeper, and aspiring digital writer.
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