A Word About Digital Accessibility

The further I learn about the different elements of digital design the more I realize how vast the subject is. For instance, as it relates to the significance of accessibility in web design,

A Refection on Wikis

For the wiki article, I contributed a section on remediation. It was one of the topics that we had to write a journal for that I felt confident doing since I got a

Wiki Reflections

Over the course of the past eight weeks, our class has been collaborating on a LitWiki page for Technical Writing in the Digital Age. My contributions to the page were a fairly balanced

Collaborating in the Digital Age

I will not lie, I've never been a fan of group projects. I have always needed a certain level of control over my grades, but having the opportunity to collaborate on a Wiki

A little Wiki Learning

I will be the first to admit, I was very intimidated by this Wiki project. I even had to email the creator (our teacher) to figure out how to access it and get